NJPW Could NJPW America fail?


The Showoff
A recent editorial in PWMania by Jim LaMotta said it could be the case. He writes, "When the project was announced, NJPW said that there will be roughly two dozen events scheduled for next year and will continue it’s current Japanese schedule as well. I would say that this is a tough scenario for the roster because the New Japan style is physical and risky so is it realistic to expect the roster to travel around the globe on a regular basis to compete in those type of matches?"

And he continues, "For the New Japan product to standout in the United States, it must be as authentic to the New Japan style as possible, but that intrinsically makes it a niche product in America, which is fine if it’s profitable. The problem is, much of the diehard fan base that follows the Japanese scene already has options that cater to them."

While NJPW has had success in America, it has been on a limited schedule, such as 3-5 special shows in the states per year, so it didn't compete with the WWE, AEW, Impact, and ROH. Plus, let's not forget the NJPW style is a lot more physical and brutish than the American-style of wrestling, which means more wrestlers getting injured.

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