Could Old Heel Gimmicks Work Today?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ring Rust, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. Right. It doesn't have to be that exact gimmick just tweak it a little.
    E.g Bret Hart when he was heel. He was a good guy everywhere else but America. Could something work like that? Reigns. He could be a good guy everywhere but the Internet Wrestling Community and Smark fans who hate him cause he's overpushed.
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    Reigns isn't liked universally not just online lol
    I personally like him now. His heel turn is becoming of him. :reigns3:

    As for other heel gimmicks... One comes to mind that they tried and failed... Mr Perfect. They tried to recreate that in Curtis Axel and failed miserably. Now look at him... And this dude could actually wrestle. It is a shame. People didn't like Bret as a heel because he was a heel. Back then, most people actually HATED heels specially because there was still a huge chunk of their following who thought the feuds, fight, and personas were real.
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  3. If you think they tried to recreate Mr. Perfect with Curtis you never watched Mr. Perfect.

    His gimmick was never that he was Perfect, his gimmick was that he was the son of Mr. Perfect. And being second generation is about the dumbest gimmick you can give a person if that is the end all be all of the gimmick
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  4. Such a great casual DAE hate Roman Reigns thread. Old school heel gimmicks could work, being hated hasn't really changed. An issue is how the fans show their support, many great heels have become too popular and began getting cheered. If the fans got behind the guy by booing them it wouldn't be an issue but there are too many "cool heels".
  5. Just look at the Miz and it is obvious that old school heel gimmicks still work perfectly fine.
  6. Is this why people despise Charlotte? lol
  7. The Miz might as well be one of the best heels in the company right now, hell, probably one of the best of this decade imo. He gets legitimate heat, people fucking hate him. Job well done. Everyone who says he hates him because ''The Miz is just an asshole'' is getting worked into a goddamn shoot like the marks that they are, brother.
  8. He's a perfect old school heel. An adaptation of the old Nature Boy gimmick.

    He's a "regular guy" who's turned famous and wealthy by doing his dream job, something most only dream about.
    He travels the world, dresses sharp, makes money, flaunts his money, he's an actor, and he has a smoking hot wife.
    Add on being top notch on the mic and being an okay wrestler (he'll never produce five stars, but you'll get a okay match out of him almost always). He's also a master of enhancing his character. When he has a belt that belt is so much more important because he holds it as an example.

    And unlike Mike Bennett, his smoking hot wife does not equal his character, it only enhances it.
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  9. totally agreed. I've loved his last couple of matches with Zack Ryder on SmackDown and Raw as well. He's improved a lot as a wrestler imo, even though that's kinda obvious because he wrestles daily on house shows and all that. Kinda excited to see what he's gonna do with the Intercontinental Championship, even though I'm pretty sure he's just a transitional champion for Cesaro to win the belt which I'm fine with as well tbh. I'm gonna enjoy the segments on Raw to build the championship match up though, that's for sure.
  10. Miz is one of the few wrestlers on the current WWE roster who gets how to use a championship to enhance himself, and the title. So every time he has gold it is a hoot, no matter how short.

    But remember, he came from reality TV so he has to be awful
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  11. the nerve of this **** for not even paying his dues on the indies smh. Only in it for the money and the fame, just like with that goddamn reality TV show. He doesn't respect TRUE wrestlers, like our beloved heroes Matt ''Matthew'' Taven and Mike ''Michael'' ''Small Banter'' Bennett from the world-wide famous stable The Kingdom.
  12. Lay off Taven. I like him
  13. His association with The Kingdom was pretty much why I disliked him, but I'm kinda interested to see what he's gonna do now with The Kingdom, even though I feel like The Kingdom are damaged goods and Taven should just go on a singles run again.
  14. When it comes to heels, there are very few old school heels right now. The only one that comes to mind is The Miz. The Hollywood gimmick has been done many times, but he has his own take on it and draws the right amount of heel heat. People dislike him, but they want to tune in and see him get beat.
  15. Yes, The Miz is a good example.

    He's a solid performer, but is great on the stick and he knows how to get people to hate him.
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