Could or should Undertaker's legacy live on through another star?

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  1. Complicated question, complicated topic and very debatable. I'll explain it.

    The question is, could another star keep Undertaker's legacy going on actively - for example, having his "son" come out and effectively be a younger Undertaker. Obviously that's very simple, but would a story-line similar to this be welcomed by you, or would you prefer him to just retire and leave it as Undertaker's legacy alone and never see a character like it again?

    There's pro's and cons for both. Undertaker deserves to have the sole credit for his amazing achievements in WWE, but I think it'd be thoroughly entertaining and good for WWE to have a gimmick similar to his - and the best way to do that, or the most entertaining way I think would be to do it through his son.

    Without going through the complicated stuff, would you simply welcome it or not?
  2. I don't know the gimmick is good so it continuing in some form would be cool.

    However if it does the streak would have to be Takers and Takers alone and play no part in the continuation of the storyline.
  3. Hard question. Would be cool if his son Gunner could do the job. Don't know if he is in wrestling. He should be 19 years old now.
  4. Nah, I'd rather not.
  5. A character similar to Undertaker with some possible connection would be cool but not a direct new undertaker. I pitched a idea in the live discussion thread yesterday that seemed to get possible response.

    Have Bearer come out to debut his new son. Have it be a new superstar debuting, I myself would go with someone like Ambrose. Have Ambrose insanity gimmick be explained through him being possessed by demons or whatnot. Hit him up with a supernatural gimmick to go with it. He might not be as big and imposing as Kane or Taker but he can instead be batshit insane and totally ruthless.
  6. Did someone say:

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  7. Holy crap Mordecai! Was always surprised that Thorn never did better in WWE but think there was bar brawls etc outside the ring that affected his chances.
  8. Dominant man as Thorn, really liked the guy.
  9. I remember when I was younger quite liking the Mordecai gimmick but it was really similar to Taker so didn't really work plus being a religious zealot I can see why ppl weren't fond. Then his return with Gangrel and Ariel as a brood of vampires also hit snags and just didn't seem to work shame though as he seemed a talented guy.
  10. True, he was so dominant. Such a mysterious gimmick.
  11. It just never got over to similar to Taker!
  12. Ofcourse it didn't. Taker is a legend. Same story with me seeing some similarities between Mick Foley and Balls Mahoney. But on the same level as Taker and Thorn.

    Foley > Mahoney
    Taker > Thorn
  13. Agree with ur Balls Mahoney point. Guy was good but to similar to Mick at the time Foley was becoming a huge name. Plus Balls didn't have quite the same intensity in his mic work imo.
  14. Taker always said that his body was just the vessel and the spirit of the undertaker lives in us all....


    Sandy ravage will be the new undertaker!

    He shall forthrightly be known as the "underwearer!"

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  15. No way there will only ever be one Undertaker
  16. undertaker cant be Beat so when he retires i think he will stay non beaten and just retire
  17. I don't want anyone to replace him, I hate people replacing people. I don't want another Undertaker, or another Shawn Michaels, or another Triple H, or another Stone Cold. Everyone should be original. Everyone should have there own gimmick.
  18. I could see someone eventually having a dark sort of gimmick like Taker does (we kinda got that with Kane, who is supposed to be Taker's half-brother anyway) but I definitely don't want someone to specifically take the Undertaker gimmick itself, especially someone revealed as Taker's "son" or something, that would be corny.
  19. What kind of character are you thinking out of curiosity?
  20. I don't how to put it, just someone similar to Undertaker as far as having some sort of dark mystery to them or unknown origins (don't know much about their past) or some tragic past, etc. Kane and Mordecai are the only other examples I can think of. But I don't want to see another wrestler try to be some supernatural zombie who talks about taking people's souls and stuff (i.e the Undertaker.)
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