Could Punk drop the title tomorrow?

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  1. Royal Rumble has been used quite historically for title-match-try outs. That's what I call it. The Rumble match draws itself, and there's a big rumour that whoever is returning is involved with CM Punk. Most people think Jericho, so if he does return and feuds with Punk would we see him COST punk the title? Ziggler being champion at Rumble vs Miz? Sounds like a try-out match to me, help solidify these superstars as permanent main eventers.

    I don't see how some guy returns on 2nd and gets an instant title match with Punk at the Rumble. Because unless they make it so Punk loses and wins the rumble, how can the match do any of the superstars any favour? Jericho goes over Punk - Makes Punk look weak. Same then other way around.

    Perhaps if they made it so Jericho is the one John Laurinaitus is texting, then John could get involved and make Jericho champion and spare Punk looking weak. But that just makes Jericho look weak, and then we have another coward-heel champion, and in the promos it's "A familiar force is returning". I wouldn't call that a force. It's these types of thoughts that makes me wander if it is actually Jericho returning.

    I see the most logical scenario being Jericho costs Punk, they feud until Rumble where one of them wins it. The other wins EC match and they have their match at Wrestlemania'. Do you all generally think Punk is going to be champion until Wrestlemania? There was a rumour he was going to drop it and win it again AT Wrestlemania, which would be great as it really boosts his face-persona some more.

    Let's discuss this.
  2. Whilst your scenario is good the biggest flaws are Dolph only gets a month and half run. He needs a good few month run to solidify himself. Neither miz or Dolph are anyway close to a baby face turn so the crowd would be dead for it.

    I personally would like jericho to return win a number 1 contenders battle royal the raw after his return. Beat punk in a heelish way after he's revealed to be the guy johnny ace was texting. Punk goes in to beat a heel backstage steals his number which is pretty early on about number 5 at the highest. Punk wins the rumble and keeps trying to get to jericho but ace puts in road blocks. At ec have
    punk defend his wm spot against a heel of aces choosing possibly swagger have it so if punk wins there will be no interference at mania. Jericho survives the ec. They have a match at mania punk wins re match at er and the ppv after that.

    Yeah I know you only wanted the rumble but this is the story arc id run. Punks anti establishment character plus is protected as he doesn't job clean.
  3. Now you mention it yours probably is better. Well definitely is, I like it. Ziggler's reign would be longer than a month though, and at Royal Rumbles it doesn't really matter if it's face vs heel. But I like yours as the match at WM will be like "Finally Punk and Jericho meet one on one". Though I really don't think a RAW star is winning the rumble, I'm sure it's going to be Sheamus or Barrett. Which messes it all up.
  4. If that happens they could have punk win the ec for the number 1 contendership like cena did last year.
  5. But the champion is always in that match normally? What's Jericho (if it's him) going to do at EC?
  6. Have him face cena as cenas last chance to take the title into mania. Jericho wins after interference by kane pushing cena further towards his heel turn as he starts to question whether he actually can beat the rock.

    Miz wasn't in the chamber was he ? Didn't he defend against Lawler.
  7. Can't remember if I'm honest. Probably did defend against Lawler as Miz was booked so poorly during his reign.
  8. Yeah he went from barely beating lawler a 60 year old man to kicking 7 shades out of a 30 odd year old cena for most if their matches. I don't mind them boking miz as a chicken shit heel but at least make it consistant. *end rant about how badly miz was booked*
  9. *Continues it*

    Agreed, completely pathetic. Cowardly heels I feel should be cowardly against guys like Cena, Orton, Punk (now) etc, major faces. But they should still be seen as threats. Maybe I hated it more because I absolutely despise Lawler now (expect a match with Cole at RAW tomorrow btw). How Miz managed to still get absolutely-fantastic heel reactions with that booking surprises me and amazes me. *Now ends it*.

    I suppose they're stopping champions in EC then? Your idea could work and might actually be the case. Imagine our faces after RAW and Jericho doesn't return.
  10. Don't mind either way, I like Ziggler atm. But I think it's best to keep the title on Punk.
  11. Positive thoughts crayo if we think its jericho enough it will be. :emoji_wink:
  12. Lmao. Or it'll be Eugene. Sorry, positive. Right. :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. I honestly think Jericho wins the title tomorrow. Punk regains at Mania and retains at Extreme Rules, in a blow-off match.
  14. CM Punk will not lose his title until Wrestlemania, and that will be to Chris Jericho.

    Jericho will then hold the title, all the way until SummerSlam.
    They have already confirmed Jericho to leave after SummerSlam, so he will use that title loss, as a way to get out of the WWE, and to go tour with his band.

    99.9% sure.
  15. Where is it confirmed that he's here until Summerslam? If he is then I think he might win at WM too. If he leaves earlier, Punk regains at WM.
  16. Yeah he probably will to start the build between him and Chris Jericho. Or else why have Punk retain after WWE showing how Chris Jericho is getting into Punk's head AND Jericho is the last entrant, giving the clue that being last will help you win.
  17. Chris Jericho is expected to leave WWE for another long hiatus shortly after WrestleMania, according to ‘strong talk’ within the the company, says

    Jericho will be touring with his band Fozzy in the summer and is only expected to stick around for a few weeks after WrestleMania on April 1st, possibly going through as far as May but this is not set in stone.

    Interestingly Jericho has claimed in interviews and on Twitter that he will be with the company over the summer and that he’s not just back for a WrestleMania payday but one wonders how that could be possibly with him touring. There had been many on the Internet Wrestling Community who had hoped that Jericho would stay with the WWE until SummerSlam, where a one-off match against The Rock (which was teased on Twitter by the pair) could take place, but neither superstar is likely to be available given their outside of WWE commitments.


  18. I think Punk will regain at WM and their last show down will be at Extreme Rules in Chicago which I'm going to.
  19. There are those who believe Jericho’s comments about staying with the company through the summer was so fans wouldn’t easily guess that he won’t win the title against CM Punk at WrestleMania.
  20. If he drops it Jericho is the only option. Anything else will just be lame because nobody has been built up to it, and it will be one of those title reigns that wind up being more of a hindrance to a guys career instead of a help (ala Jack Swagger)

    that being said, I'll still mark out like a school girl at a Bieber concert if Ziggler wins it
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