Could ROH eventually surpass TNA as #2 in the US?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 1, 2014.

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  1. The idea stems from AJ leaving TNA and returning to ROH, but with TNA really losing out in the fans eye in 2013 maybe the gap between the #2 & 3 US companies will shrink considerably.

    ROH has the Sinclair deal, but what can they do to seem like bigger potatoes? Production values could help, as watching an ROH show currently feels like watching something on VHS in the 90s. I would have said 'selling out' and using more wrestling over the top angles and storylines would be better, but they sort of leaned to that direction under :cornette: and the results were a lot of ROH watchers were turned off completely and stopped watching.

    Is it a case of ROH holding steady while TNA potentially continues shooting itself in the foot, or are there some things ROH can do to pass them up? Will big name returns like Hero or Styles be a catalyst for vaulting ROH higher up the spectrum nationally?

    I think if you put the belt on Hero and have Styles come in to challenge him that is a feud that you can get a looooooooot of wrestling fans' eyeballs on your current product.
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  2. All im gonna say is any company who thinks im interested in an event months before while accepting i read spoilers is crazy. RoH could easily surpass TNA, and getting AJ is awesome, but they need a better TV schedule to get anyone in the general public capable of googling to succeed.
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  3. If Sinclair was willing to invest more money into it and they could get a booker with some interesting ideas maybe. ROH only got HD cameras just recently (really good Cornette shoot coming soon on it, I'll see if I can dig up the trailer)

    I lean more towards AAA's American show and the theory or Jarrett starting a new promotion with Toby Keith's money being a viable TNA alternative.
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  4. It all depends on TV. TNA is the #2 promotion at the moment since they're on Spike. Don't know how many markets ROH is in, but if they can get TV across the country then it's only a matter of time and promotion before they surpass TNA.
  5. ROH is on FOX Sundays at 11pm EST.
  6. Not here.
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  7. ROH is owned by Sinclair broadcasting and is broadcast in every state Sinclair is in. I think they are in like 39+ states right now. They aren't on a national network though.
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  8. If TNA goes out of business, then yes.

    ROH could become #2 only if TNA is out of the game or they get a massive new financial injection and a major TV deal with much better tapings schedule.

    Even with TNA being in a bad shape atm, TNA is still way bigger, faster and stronger than ROH. Just the way things are.
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  9. Thanks, Stop. Thought it was a "big market only" deal.

    Curious if WWE's TV negotiations may come into play here. Maybe NBC wants to move Smackdown onto another network and have lost what's probably their highest rated show on there, so they may be willing to give another wrestling promotion a chance... probably not since they don't have the big shiny WWE logo going in their favor but worth a thought.
  10. It's a possibility that Ring of Honor could surpass Impact someday, if TNA just keeps going down and ROH does nothing but improve. Although I highly doubt it will happen soon, it would take a bit of a while for ROH to climb up to TNA, unless TNA just continues to be completely shitty every week. I'm unsure of the situation, I think TNA will remain number 2 for a long while.
  11. :true: It airs Saturday nights here then has a repeat on Sunday nights.
  12. Another thing that they'd have to do is to air


    you know, not the eyePPVs, but the actual PPVs
  13. If they attract Hogan why not.
  14. The TNA Roster is definitely better than the RoH Roster there has been sporadic moments though in the past few years where RoH had a strong push in its roster and I liked that for sure.. As for passing TNA idk we'll see how it plays out with the contracts with the channels play out.

    But I liked RoH for awhile there I mean Rhino is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, nothing better than hearing GOREEE, GOREEE, GOREEE!! He was one of the main reasons I followed it but it's attracted some decent talent over the past couple years; Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Homicide, Jay Lethal, the Briscoes, Chris Hero, Alexander Kozlov.. those are just the ones off the top of my head.. Granted like half those guys aren't really there anymore but still those are some decent names in the wrestling industry of the US. It'd be pretty cool if I didn't have to watch the replays on Sunday night but hey at least it's something to watch if I'm around.
  15. Hahaha Just found out that my cable company added the channel that RoH comes on Saturday nights!!
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  16. ROH needs to get on CW or some shit. ANYTHING.
  17. For me that's what channel it's on :emoji_slight_smile:.. Because CW turns into a Chicago based network after 10pm here and that's how I'm able to watch RoH.
  18. I used to have RoH on some 200 and something channel but I went back to Cable One :emoji_cry:
  19. Chris Hero in action on RoH tonight :emoji_slight_smile: He got quite an ovation when he came out!
    All this discussion about AJ Styles too is getting me hyped, the plug said three weeks til his return.
  20. RoH needs to get itself on a UK channel, because the UK could be great for it just like we have been for TNA.
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