Could Ryder & Santino team up - Team Cobro

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Team Cobro, rofl.
  2. I puked on my shoes.
  3. Santibro sounds better.
  4. They're over and both can work to a pretty decent standard, can't do any harm.
  5. They should be called the comedy characters who fucksuck but for some reason unbeknownst to D'Z are incredibly over with casual fans
  6. It could work just as well as any other joke team. Maybe this could happen after Santino loses the title, then Team Cobro can feud with Ziggler's Swag and reignite the tag team division.
  7. #TeamCobro


  8. If that is WWE's idea of a reignited tag division I would rather it just stay irrelevant.
  9. They're entertaining.
  10. They're entertaining, if Santino loses the title on ER and starts this team it'll be OK. But Ziggler and Swagger should split ASAP, Dolph deserves more than the tag division.
  11. Ryder used to be. Santino would be if I were 12.
  12. To casual fans. I also don't really dig a finisher that is waaaay too over the top and pretty much breaks kayfabe everytime it's applied like the Cobra, and Ryder has been going downhill since he won the US Title. I also don't find them entertaining personally, but the audiences seem to.
  13. Rock & Sock Connection > Team Cobra.
    The Cobros
    The Broski and Cobra connection?

    They could make this team a legendary comedy theme if they were more talented. Give it a cool name and do funny segments like Rock & Sock used to.

    TeamCobro trending now during their segment. And Eve comes out and they make fun of her. Should make for an entertaining team.
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