Could Seth Be THEE Guy?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, May 15, 2018.

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    With how things are going with Roman, and them still wanting one face for WWE, what are the chances they actually go with Seth?
    It seems like as of late, the creative team and WWE in general are holding him at higher regards.
    If he were to be pushed as the face of the place, would you be happy with that?
    Do you think he can push merch and do the things Cena did for many years?
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  2. Not quite slim, but Seth will be second fiddle to Roman.

    Yes definitely.

    Yes and no.
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  3. When did Marvel sign Seth?
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  4. When DC didn't think he would be good enough for them.
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  5. They shouldn't go with anyone. Just go with the flow, keep it chill. If you want to push someone to be the top guy than don't make it obviouse, cuz wrestling fans don't like to be force fed.
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    Any further questions? Didn't think so.
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  7. That trailer gave me goosebumps :emoji_fire:

    To answer the question; I'm not going to hold by breath but I would love for Seth to become the face of WWE. I think he has the charisma and talent. He might not be quite as marketable as John Cena but he definitely is more than Roman Reigns....
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  8. Lol no one will ever be on John Cena's level.
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  9. Hmm... *looks between Seth and Balor*
    Seth...or Balor? SETH Or BALOR?! Aww, Maaan.... Such a difficult decision. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
    I've seen a pic of Rollins with only a towel on....
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  10. Punk was. And people said that same thing about stone cold, and look at what Cena did lol.
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  11. Seth could be one of the next top guys and replace Roman as far as main event status and dominance is concerned. In terms of sales, I think it could happen, he just needs to continue down the path he’s on: good feuds, good wrestling, more interesting Shit than just saying “I’m Seth freaking Rollins, the King Slayer.” Which that means nothing today considering how many people have beaten triple h at mania, and also because triple h is still perfectly fine and competing at mania like nothing happened.

    Seth is the better wrestler, has a better build, and can talk better, so I feel he would be a better pick. Then again, Braun Strowman is also a better pick, and hell potentially lashley at this point. I know this thread is about Seth, but the point is lots of stars seem to be better for the main event role push than Roman.
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  12. They shouldn't give up on Roman.
  13. Nah, no one will ever be on Cena's level because of Make-A-Wish foundation. There's a reason he's the only one that won't ever get turned heel. No one has ever been on his level. Not even Vince McMahon.
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  14. If you define cenas “level” by make a wish... sure.
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  15. I mean Punk was so over as a babyface. Every week he got the biggest reaction. But I guess Cena is a big mainstream star
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  16. Actual crowd reaction, yeah, a lot of people have Cena beat. Rollins, Ambrose, Orton, Daniel Bryan by far.. In ring talent, Cena is great, but others have him beat by a lot.. As far as being the icon for WWE though for the kids, which is what WWE is all about.. John Cena and The Warrior are probably the biggest two.

    As far as the actual face of the company in ring and promo wise.. I'm gonna have to go with..

    1. Seth Rollins
    2. Samoa Joe (possibly)
    3. AJ Styles of course.
    4. John Cena can cut some insane promos, and the crowd reactions are strong.
    5. Roman Reigns. I say this because people boo the hell out of him louder than any other Superstar. If he wasn't popular, the fans wouldn't boo so loud. If he wasn't popular, he'd be like Mojo Rawley and get barely any crowd reaction at all. Reigns will forever be boo'd because he buried Taker. ...however that being said, Lesnar buried Taker too, but Lesnar gets cheered.

    WWE fans confuse me sometimes.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I don't think they should either but they need to let him get over naturally. Had they done that to begin with, the dude would have likely been over with the fans by like 2 years now.
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  19. I just don't see him getting over. The booing never started till he buried Taker. Been boos ever since. (Except for Shield).. Even then, it was mainly Rollins and Ambrose who got all the crowds cheers.