Summerslam Could SummerSlam 2013 be better than Money In The Bank 2011?

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  1. Money In The Bank was an amazing PPV, and over 2 years later, it still hasn't been beaten in my opinion. But the SummerSlam card looks fantastic. The feuds are interesting, and the way WWE are utilizing their young stars is similar to the way they did at MITB 11. For example, at MITB Bryan, Del Rio and Punk went over, and at SS '13, we have Del Rio, Bryan, Rhodes, Sandow, Ziggler, Big E, The Shield etc. on the card, some in main event/upper midcard matches. I am excitied for the Cena/Bryan match, aswell as the Punk/Lesnar match. I am also looking forward to the Christain/Del Rio match, it's nice to see Christian back in the main event scene, at least for a little while. The Ziggler/Big E and Rhodes/Sandow storylines are really blossoming and getting really interesting, so I honestly don't see why SummerSlam can't be better than MITB. Thoughts?
  2. It has the potential to be a very good PPV given the way they're going creatively but I won't say anything before I've seen more of the card.
  3. Nah. Even if Bryan wins, the story isn't as built and shocking as Punk/Cena. A lot of people went into MITB certain Punk wasn't winning as his contract was rumoured by dirt sheets to be up. Obviously he extended it late and won the match, but most anticipated it to be Cena putting Punk out of the company. So the shock value isn't as big. Also the story of Punk winning and leaving with the title, with Cena getting fired is a much bigger story than Cena just picking an opponent and losing.
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  4. I wasn't introduced to wrestling in time for MITB 2011 but according to pretty much the entire IWC, that PPV's main event had the shock factor and one hell of a build which Summerslam doesn't. Cena picked Bryan to be his opponent, which kinda sucked. I guess Bryan has boosted it by that fabulous gauntlet match but I guess the match with the best build has been Punk vs Lesnar. MITB's main event will be better but I think the over-all quality of Summerslam this year will be extremely good!
  5. In other words I ain't watched MITB 11 before.
  6. Depends. There's a couple of ways you could look at this show being better:

    -This could have the better top-to-bottom card, since MITB had a terrible Show/Henry match and Kelly Kelly re-burying the Divas after their minute of interestingness, but people forget about those. They remember the two MITB's, Orton/Christian, and Punk/Cena. Don't see any way this show will be as good as those four matches, but if you want to downgrade MITB because of the other two then you can make a case for it.

    -Hindsight. If Bryan wins clean, we could look back on this show all fondly and say "Remember Summerslam 2013, when Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena and became a certified top face for the company? Oh, what a wonderful event that was <3"... whereas with MITB, talking about the then-awesome Punk/Cena angle always brings back joyous memories before the line "until they fucked it up" inevitably happens.

    Otherwise, I'll bet that a bunch of car-wreck matches and the hottest angle/most iconic moment in years should be better than this, unless WWE surprises us. And it's nice to be able to say that them surprising us with a great moment isn't an impossibility anymore. #TeamOptimism
  7. It actually looks it's going to be a great show, but I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't as good as they try to sell it tbh.
  8. doubt it, the build for the PPV has been poor with the exception of Punk/Lesnar(Maybe the possible Kane/Bray Wyatt match). Last week's RAW ruined most of the build, two matches heavily rumored for summerslam took place, now we have no idea what the shield and Dolph Ziggler are doing for Summerslam, which is less than three weeks away..
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  9. So true. The build has been pathetic, and we still don't have announced matches for half the card. For everything WWE is doing right atm, this shouldn't be glossed over.The Cena/DB build has been diabolical.
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  10. I don't think so at all. Bryan winning would be amazing, but it can't top CM Punk beating John Cena. That was crazy, especially when Punk blew the kiss good-bye. It might come close, but I don't think it has enough star power to top that PPV. The build-up to the Punk and Lesnar match is very good though, but I marked out at some of the stuff said in the build up to Cena vs. Punk at 2011.

  11. WWE seems to be half assing the builds and putting out a shitty product for their biggest PPVS, assuming people will buy them, It all began with Summerslam 2012, continued with Survivor series and the royal rumble, and culminated with WM 29. I just hope that this Summerslam will at the very least have good in ring action, and I think it will. I will be buying the PPV solely for Bryan/Cena and Punk/Lesnar, because the undercard looks like complete shit at this point.
  12. We dont even know the card so how do we know? A bit pointless to ask now.
  13. Answer when you know the card then. :cornette:
  14. MITB 2011 isn't even the best PPV of the last few years IMO. I'm not entirely certain what is, but one that I definitely like better than MITB is TLC 2011. It didn't have anything as hot of a program as MITB 2011 did, but pound for pound, it was the more memorable and enjoyable card - There was no Cena on the show (breath of fresh air), Punk was actually headlining as champion in an awesome triple threat TLC match, I enjoyed the HHH/Nash feud unlike most, Orton and Barrett had an awesome Tables match back when the company remembered to book Barrett in things that felt significant, Ziggler and Ryder were in a hot program (and opening match to get the show going in a strong way) over the US Title, Bryan was cashing in to win the WHC on a vulnerable Big Show, Booker T. was putting over Cody Rhodes as IC Champion, there was a pretty good tag team title match, etc. Here's a video of the highlights, just look at the awesome moments in the main event:

    Summerslam 2013 has every chance of equaling or surpassing MITB 2011 to me. The double main event can definitely hold a candle match-wise to Cena/Punk, despite the somewhat inferior build. And in the long run, the week-to-week build won't mean as much. When you re-watch the show years from now, the video packages shown before the matches will simply show you the best moments and the slick WWE production team can make even the most mediocre build look awesome, and the best build look even better. You'll see images and clips of John Cena choosing Bryan as his opponent which will then go back in time and show Bryan defeating The Shield/Sheamus/Orton and we'll see various clips of him talking about how he isn't the "weak link" of Team Hell No and we may even see his other accomplishments in WWE thus far. Then we'll see clips of Vince McMahon saying this and that to Bryan and Bryan confronting Cena about whether Cena respects him, yadda, yadda, yadda. Hopefully, WWE can get the rights to show clips of Bryan in ROH as well, as a way of showing how far he's come since he started out since this is all supposed to be building up to him winning the big one. (Come to think of it, how is the build so inferior to Punk/Cena?)

    Same goes for Punk and Lesnar and the (real life) history that Heyman has with both guys.

    All Summerslam needs is a strong under card to go with the double main event.
  15. I believe it has the potential to be better, but it's all dependent on the next few weeks of build up. We already know what we are going to get (outside of maybe a couple of matches) The presentation is in place, and all they need is to execute what theyhave in front of them. Make DB champ!
  16. The MITB 2011 paper-view was the better PPV due to the story and the scenario of what happened. I'm not taking nothing away from SummerSlam 2013, but it can be a very, very awesome PPV.
  17. I don't remember 2011 MITB so... I am going with yes.
  18. No. Anyone who thinks otherwise probably does not remember MITB 2011. The storyline, unpredictability, the outcomes made that one of the best PPV's in the PG Era.

    Edit: Not saying that Summerslam is going to be bad, it has a solid card so far. But the build up has been ehn.
  19. *raises hand*

    I honestly don't remember it. I may not have seen that one. But I can see your point... The build feels like it is missing something.
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