Could Swagger perhaps use this gimmick as a face?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. To be honest, if you scrape away some of the racism (lol), there isn't much in this gimmick that makes him heel. Could he use this quiet sadistic patriot gimmick as a face?
  2. Maybe if the company only ran shows in the South, lol.

    actually if you take away the racist part of the gimmick he wouldn't even get over in the South.

    Nah, not really. He just needs to get more heelish, more racism.. I haven't even paid attention to the slight 'build' they've given his feud so I can't really comment on his character development since EC. I just haven't seen enough of him. The parts I have seen just seem boring and irrelevant
  3. Other than his particularly racist views, he is simply a patriot right? You US fans seem to love your country so damn much (you wouldn't get "UK" chants here), and without the racism he is simply a guy who loves his country. So I personally could see it getting over, unless they kept going down the cheap heat route and insulted the locals.

    Lol'd at him getting over in the South. No wonder @"Bully Rain" and @"GrammarNazi82" are fans :pipebomb:

    (Not even sure if you're fans... Oh well, you like him more than Chavo, that's for sure.)
  4. Probably not, because in today's society, patriotism is often looked upon as racism (not saying he isn't being racist right now, cause he is) so as long as patriotism is his gimmick, he will probably stay a heel. And besides all that, Jack Swagger has had his entire career being a heel, so I don't think he is gonna change anytime soon.
  5. He reminds me a lot of the drunk asshole we all have down the street who talks about 9-11 being an inside job and miniature alien probes being stuffed inside booster shots all the time and how we should never trust anything anyone says because the government has brainwashed the masses and whatnot. They probably love this gimmick, but for those who are sick of hearing from that guy there's plenty of change-the-channel heat.

    The problem with the gimmick is that the heat isn't going on to Swagger. I'd love to see Ricardo vs Zeb, couldn't give two shits about ADR vs Swagger. Could it work as a face? Maybe. They have to cut out all of the Tea Party republican stuff (basically what Zeb's playing except to an extreme degree) and make it a basic "I Love America" character, and then will Zeb talk about the Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty while Swagger still stands behind him and yells "WE THE PEOPLE" like a moron? That won't work, either. Plus there isn't much you can do with that unless you just throw foreign heels at him and do the same feud over and over. That's just lame.

    Don't see why wrestling loves these "proud of my country" characters. Don't see why Mexicans would love ADR just because he's Mexican, or the Irish loving Sheamus... well, you see the pops Magnus and Barrett get in England, but you guys rarely see wrestling shows live and love seeing the hometown hero when he's back in town. Does it work that well on TV?

    Fuck Chavo.
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  7. Wat. No it's not. :mad2:
  8. yeah, it is, because everyone is so sensitive now :pity:
  9. Uhh whilst that's true, I don't think anyone would be considered a racist for showing love for their country. Never seen anyone be called a racist for saying "I LUV MURRIKA!" lol.
    I mean, if you look and act like a redneck, well that's a different story (and you probably ARE a racist to begin with :dawg: )

  10. :haha: :finger:

    Yeah, no, not a fan of his. He's a bit of southern stereotypes to the extreme. However.... I do like him a tad bit more than Chavo. Simply because Chavo is the worst. .....Next to Cena.
  11. I hope he does use the gimmick as a face soon. He is painful to watch.
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