Could the American Wolves be on their way to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. If this is true along with the Briscoes, Wyatt family, PTP, the Usos and the Shield. The WWE might actually be bringing back tag team wrestling.
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  2. Love the type of wrestlers WWE are wanting to sign now'adays. It's a sign that they are finally moving on with the times.
  3. Wrestlinginc

    I enjoy Richards and Edwards as a team and Richards has shown more personality since the Steen angle ended. I'd mark for the Wolfs in the WWE. The hunt is on. :fap:

  4. Davey said in his shoot that he's turned down WWE Developmental contracts numerous times and has no interest in working for either WWE or TNA so I doubt that this will ever happen. Edwards isn't worth a contract on his own so I presume that they'll both resign with Ring Of Honor.

    - Mystical George.
  5. Same with Steen but they both said in their highspot shoot that they wouldn't say no to a WWE deal. Steen is even losing weight so that he can get a contract with the big leagues and make more money.
  6. If this is true, maybe 3D will go back to WWE. Bully said he loves tag team wrestling and Devon doesn't care to share the spotlight. I'd love to see the tag team wrestling successful again.
  7. No chance Bully would want to go back, he is the champ right now. I don't see Vince putting the belt on him.
  8. Imagine the next situation: Bully loses the title. Bully and Devon leave A&Es. Their contract expires. Vince brings them back to WWE for one last run.
  9. I'd love to see this, I just get so worried that the indies are going to die out if they keep losing all their big stars.

    But would you rather be a tag champion on the "A" show if the division is rebuilt and means something again, or be the world champion on the "B" show?
  10. Definitely world champion.
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  11. TNA gets like, not even half the ratings WWE does, and not a lot of ticket buys either.. are you sure you'd rather be in TNA? lol
  12. I doubt any wrestler on the planet aspires to be the champion of WWE's shitty tag division.
  13. No doubt in my mind. I'd rather be #1 somewhere than #20 anywhere else.
  14. THe dude is basically Gohan when it comes to talking about TNA. Let him be.

  15. But what if it was rebuilt with credibility? I'm not saying they'd have to aspire to be in the division and their champions. But I'm pretty sure they'd get a MUCH better pay and more of a reaction in the WWE.

  16. I can see that logic.

  17. Davey already has already turned the WWE before though. He turned down a contract after winning the Super 8 in 2006 and he turned down another contract just before signing to Ring Of Honor. There must be something that he's looking for in a WWE contract that they haven't been willing to offer him if he's turned them down more than once.

    As for Steen, he's going to need to stop wrestling in gym shorts and t-shirts before he'll even be considered "big league" material.

  18. 35 minute mark. Davey confirms that they are in talks with both WWE and TNA.
  19. Solid. Normally pessimistic about wrestlers who have talent going to WWE but Richards and Edwards seem to have a lot of what WWE is looking for. I can see them excelling there at some point.
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