Could the reunion of DX bring back their golden days

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  1. For me it was just an old picture of DX but this reunion was awesome in terms of spice excitement and entertainment waht's your thought
  2. After adding Hornswoggle as a third member, you couldn't pay me to care about DX in any shape or form.
  3. It was really nice, considering it was actually the entire original crew coming back. Great memories.
  4. It was nice to see them back.
  5. Almost all are too old to wrestle, it was good to see them back but no way do i want those old men taking up more of my tv time.
  6. Well, I'm 100% completely sure that it was a one night thing, there's no doubt in that. What, is someone thinking the New Age Outlaws will win the tag titles or something? :lol1:
  7. It was just a few comedy segments which were actually good. Why does it bother you and others SO much?

    I think it was pretty awesome to see their reunion.
  8. We despise that midget who buries talented superstars to no end and we'd like to see him unemployed, so it's normal for Draine and others to be pissed off when they involve him with DX or anything somewhat important.
  9. This was fine for a nostalgia hit, that's all it ever should be IMO.
  10. Yeah, I was glad that they were all there. I thought it was really lame that they said that it was a DX reunion and only was HHH and HBK. But as others said, its a one night thing and that is how it should be.

  11. they were all there but only hhh and hbk were there?
    i thought it was awesome..
    as far as wrestling goes i think they are past it but id love to see the dogg as a manager tearing up the mic
  12. I didn't find them funny. It was just really annoying, taking a group that created several phenomenal moments and reducing them to Little People's Court.

    Hornswoggle's good at creating sympathy, he's a guy you can beat down really easily. There's a place for him in WWE.
    That's all he should be used for, but all these guys getting established as jobbers by taking that fucking Tadpole Splash is just maddening. They have enough jobbers, and they have enough comic relief characters. Whenever they need a pure comic relief segment, just use Santino. He's good at it, and get that freaking troll off our TV's.

    And you know I don't pop for legends, Crayo, loved seeing Sandow intefere on them though. Army_george is right, keeping Road Dogg around as a manager could be pretty good.
  13. Road dogg = boss. Oh, you didn't know?!
  14. Road Dogg was funny there but on that show that he is on on youtube with Josh Mathews... >< lol
  15. Theres no point bringing back DX as they cant do all the crazy shit they did in the old days as right now WWE is PG and the stuff they did back then wouldnt be suitable to show right now
  16. should the pg era end
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