could the undertaker be 'the devil'

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Nov 30, 2013.

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    just thought i'd share this pic i seen on fb with you all so could taker be the devil controlling the wyatts
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  2. That would be so awesome if that actually happened!

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  3. yes it'd be a nice twist someone suggested this a while back can't remember who though
  4. I`d love to see this happening, It would be awesome
  5. It'd be terrible, there is no way Taker is going heel this late in the game and being a success with it. Plus making all this about Taker is horrible IMO, have the voices be in Bray's head or something.
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  6. I reckon the devil controlling Bray's mind is The Authority.
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  7. sadly. what a waste of an awesome gimmick to just have them be yes men for HHH.

    It would be weird to try and make Taker heel but he could pull it off. Would be a great rub for them to be associated with Taker.

    considering last we saw of Taker he was beefing with the shield having him be the leader of the Wyatt's could be a way to lead to a mania match between the two factions

    not to mention we would eventually get a taker/Bray feud out of it when they split
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  8. Agreed, it's a real shame.
  9. Well if they could get a Bray/Taker feud going before WM that could set up his streak match as well.
  10. Doesn't anbody realize that it's Eva Marie?
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  11. Taker is too respected as a legend at this point to get the fans to boo him. If Taker and Wyatt shared any screen time at all, I'd rather it be as opponents, not allies. Their characters would complement each other perfectly in a feud. Wouldn't want to see it at Wrestlemania, though.

    Besides, has Wyatt even made references to the devil lately?
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  12. If there is an actual "Devil" speaking to Bray Wyatt, I would expect it to eventually be revealed to be Vince. That would provide a way to shake up The Authority and send that storyline in a different direction, if not put a stop to it.
  13. To quote the person who is probably the devil they're referring to, "No chance in hell"
  14. Why Vince though? I couldn't really see Vince do that unless if the Wyatts kidnapped Kane to turn him corporate...

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  15. Vince makes sense to me because fans hate The Authority. Nothing makes for conflict like a struggle for control of the company, and this is a way for Vince to stay relevant while shaking things up and going out being cheered by the fans. Which is sure to be good for his ego. I never said I approved of it, just that this is the way I see it playing out. It wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about a wrestling prediction. And I can guarantee it won't be the last.
  16. It would make more sense for it to be Vince than the Undertaker. Probably the only time you'll see Taker is when he comes back on the road to WM to continue his streak. I don't see them putting him in anything else.
  17. Bro, that would be awesome. The Wyatts with Taker, this folks could be a new Ministry of sorts. I'd love to see this, what a shock that would be bro. Do it Vinnie Mac
  18. No, it would make more sense to be Taker, but it is more likely to be Vince, if that makes sense.
  19. Yeah makes sense. I can agree with that.
  20. McMahon is supposed to return as a babyface to go up against The Authority, so I don't see how it makes sense that he would reveal himself to be the one behind Bryan and Punk's attacks.
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