Could these guys have been Champ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Somethingcool57, Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. Now I just signed up for the Network and got to watch a lot of the stuff back when I really really into the wrestling scene. At that time I had my favs I liked Test I thought he had the look the size and some good matches. I was also a big Hardy Boyz mark and thought Matt was more of a complete guy then Jeff was. So my Question is this simply put could either one of these guys have been champ?

    I think Tests best time would have been after the wedding with Stephine ending. He could of had a great run agaisnt HHH leading up to a title match and maybe even carrying it for a while. I know Test wasn't the greatest talker but when I think he had the tools to build around it (much like Roman right now).

    With Matt Hardy I watched the bad blood stuff between him and edge and I can remember even before that he got some mad f'n pops from the crowd. He had some really good Mic skills, a good balance to his ring skills to go from mat tech too high flying that he was more then able to put on a good match. He always sold good as well making the other guy look good when he would get the win. His best shot would have been with this fued agaisnt Edge or coming right off it as he switched back to Smack down he should have been right there to start challenging for the title.
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  2. I always thought of Matt as a side kick but i love the choices he makes in life. He's banged Lita ( Who hasn't, hi aids)
    And married to NY Giant supa fan Reby Sky
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    Yall would know her from various promotions followin Matt.

    Test on the other hand was cool. He was a little dry, but he could flar out wrestle. I remember he was used in some key storylines but i guess it didn't pan out. I don't know if he woulda carried the company for a year, but a nice lil transitional spot I think woulda been possible
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  3. I always felt that during the T&A days that those two could have been tag champs and gone on a nice long monster run agaisnt the dudly boys. I've watched his matches lately and he had a great match with Eddie at WM for the european title which he could of held longer or gone onto atleast feud a bit longer with Eddie back over it. When they turned him heel during Invasion he was just flat out awsome. Such a big man if booked right he could have really destroyed anyone in that ring. It was just such a shame that used him to launch Edge and bury himself at the same time. I stopped watching when he cut his hair and went to the trunks as lost cable access and from what little I've seen they really did a horrible story line with the guy being an ass to women. It just looked so unnatural to him and well feuding with Stiener I don't think helped him any.
  4. I could be wrong, but they had him in that censor group I believe. I think Molly was the Leader and cut all the promos. Thats a problem lol
  5. They wanted to make Test a star (Linda McMahon even mentioned in a conference call as late as 2003 that he was still one of their future prospects), but they always kept giving up on him out of a lack of faith for some reason. I actually believe he could have gotten over big if he had feuded with Hunter over the championship following the Armageddon 1999 ending where Stephanie happily embraced HHH, but they immediately went with the HHH/Foley feud (I'm not complaining, those matches at the 2000 Royal Rumble and No Way Out were fucking awesome) and slapped Test with Albert instead.

    As for Matt Hardy, I just don't see it. He had momentum coming off the Edge/Lita stuff, but otherwise, meh. The fact that his backstage attitude was always supposedly an issue probably didn't help.
  6. Stevie Richards was the leader dog
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  7. Yeah the RTC was Steven Richards, Val Venis, Bull Buchan(sp), the Goodfather (aka godfather) and Ivory. That was a fun group to watch always got a good chuckle out of the stuff they would come up with.
  8. Yeah I enjoyed the Foley/HHH matches as well but I think him vs Test would have been killer. You got the heat of being the guy left behind by Steph and they could have gone though the RR given him that match even just the one PPV match would have been just fine. But his Heel turn during the Invasion angle I think showed just how great he could have been. He didn't have to talk much go in wreck the joint beat everyone up and leave. I don't if him or Jericho ever had matches but that could have been a really good set as I think their styles would have mixed well enough.
  9. There are many who would fit this list. Me. oops, I meant Mr. Perfect
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