Could They End Up Switching Gears For A Third Year In A Row?

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  1. In 2014, Batista was supposed to win the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at WMXXX. The crowd's undying love and support of Daniel Bryan and their refusal to accept Big Dave in his place led to a massive change of plans that saw Bryan capturing the title instead.

    In 2015, Roman Reigns was supposed to defeat Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship at WMXXXI, a victory that was to officially appoint him as the new face of the company. While the match itself wasn't changed unlike the year before, the original planned finish was; Instead of Reigns capturing the gold, it was Seth Rollins via MITB cash-in instead.

    That brings us to this year. The main event for Fast Lane has been officially announced as a triple-threat match between Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns... and Dean Ambrose. The winner gets a shot at HHH for the world title at Wrestlemania. Is Ambrose only there to shake things up and eat the pinfall (which would be the easiest assumption), or could they pull a huge swerve on us by having him actually win the match? Ambrose is the most over person on the roster if we're going solely by crowd reactions, and should they get cold feet on Reigns again, he'd be the best person to headline Wrestlemania against HHH. They already had a stand-off at the Rumble, and you have nearly all of the same history and bad blood with him and Hunter as you do with Reigns, so it'd be an easy story to tell.

    Plus they may actually want a babyface that gets a great reception by the crowd when he stands tall at the end of "the biggest Wrestlemania of all time."

    Likely? Unfortunately, no. But something to think about.
  2. I hope Ambrose is there to shake things up. I kind of wanted him to eliminate Reigns in the rumble and just have him full blown heel.
  3. They're totally going with Reigns at Fastlane, Ambrose will eat the pinfall, while Bork's busy with The Wyatts.

    Reigns vs HHH will be a good WM main event, anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. However, the reaction towards Reigns will most likely be negative, so will that force 'em to change the outcome? Probably not.
  4. Reigns will get his WrestleMania moment this year, that I'm almost positive about. Ambrose would be a nice swerve, but I don't see it happening while he's IC champion. If anything, his moment will come at the next SummerSlam/WrestleMania. Unless the universe gets behind someone like AJ Styles/Seth Rollins, or someone new even more between then.
  5. The more interesting possible scenario they could do is have HHH vs Reigns at Wm32 and at the end have Ambrose turn heel on Reigns and cost him the title. Make it seemed like HHH didn't even know and it wasn't apart of some master plan by the Authority.

    Have Dean and Roman finally get some heat with each other for their match at Fastlane and cut out all of the brother love crap. Then at Wrestlemania have Dean lose the IC title. Ambroses mix and lunacy and jealousy gets the better of him and he turns on Reigns. The next night on Raw HHH vacates the title and gives to Ambrose.

    This obviously won't happen. But it would be very interesting.
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  6. One way I could see this going down that would be cool is if they had the MitB match at WM this year. Have Dean win, Let Triple H go over Roman the Authority comes out to start beating on Roman Dean runs out for the save they floor Triple H and Roman picks up the Brief Case hands it to Dean and yell out "Do it Brother" and Dean cashes in and wins it. I could also see the oppsite happening and Triple H dropping the belt to Roman and Dean running out again for the save then at the end floor Roman with the brief case and cashing in. The next night on Raw having him go "Look Roman Brother it's nothing personal but just part of the business. I saw a chance to win and I took it." Give Roman some good heat by turning on Dean in the next week or something. Let him get boo'd for a while as a Heel chasing after Dean. A heel that doesn't need Triple H and the Authority to hide behind when things get tough might earn him a bit of respect. At SS have where Dean is in the main event the chosen oppent by the Authoirty is cheating and first Roman runs out to help Dean then have Seth return the same way the three going over as the baby faces and Shield Returning together to take down the Authority.
  7. I remember when everyone laughed at me stating that Ambrose was talented enough to become a top, top face. Eat your heart out Lockard.

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  8. WWE had learned that Reigns isn't cutting it (I hope they have) and that's why Ambrose is in there, at Mania, probably after they realized Dean got a way better reaction than Reigns and people cheered when Roman was eliminated from the rumble they shouldn't go down the path of Reigns beating Triple H, I wanna see Ambrose do double duty, defend his IC title and win the World title, because it's been a long time since we've had an IC champ be the world champ at the same time and Ambrose is perfect for the position
  9. Nah. Ambrose will probably face some random like Jericho.
  10. Ambrose prolly drops the title to AJ at WM... Unless the program with Y2J happens and Ambrose retains, of course.

    Speaking of SummerSlam, I see a Shield triple-threat there, although it could easily main event WM 33. Reigns drops the title to Rollins/Ambrose (most likely Rollins) there.
  11. You know what? That'd be awesome, but it's too bold and WWE probably won't do it.

    With the way things are going, Ambrose will most likely eat the pin at Fastlane and then move on to either feud with Y2J or AJ Styles.

    Now, Y2J is probably leaving after WM/Extreme Rules, so if he faced Ambrose, he'd most likely lose.

    But, if Ambrose faced AJ Styles and lost, that's where the heel trigger could be pulled. The only downside is that Ambrose turning on Reigns and costing him the title would send the fans home happy, just like it was done last year with Rollins and Vince sure as hell doesn't want that. He wants Reigns to get cheered no matter what.

    Anyways, yeah. This is Roman's year. Nothing against that, I just hope he turns heel somewhere down the road.
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  12. lol Turn the guy that's much more over heel? Yes, that's a most interesting idea. :haha:

    The guy you're attempting to tag is the author of the thread, noob. :cool:

    I actually never did say he couldn't be a top face, I just took a "wait and see" approach, since people always overrate talent that come from the Indies by treating them like they're some sort of god.
  13. Everyone except me broheim. Ambrose for life
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  14. No, you flat out bashed and rejected the idea. Proving you're not anywhere near being the "GOAT". Not sure what you're apparently meant to be the greatest of all time of... but I'll still protest it.

    And sorry for not noticing you being the OP; I should have guessed to be honest.
  15. I seem to remember things a bit different, but whatever. Believe what you will. :ambrose2:
  16. :no:motherfucker let's never give reigns the moment, he will never earn it, people like him who look good never know how to wrestle. Nuff Said McMahon, now go fuck yourself. @CM Punk not you don't worry, you are cool :emoji_wink:
  17. This is actually a very interesting approach which I wouldn't personally mind whatsoever however I'm not sure WWE have the balls to do it. Nonentheless, it would be a heck of a swerve indeed.

    And you know what? Based on this scenario, after Ambrose beats HHH, you could have Roman attack Dean, thus the heel turn which quite frankly makes so much sense. I mean, as much as WWE are pushing Roman, it's obvious that he's getting more booeing rather than cheering so why not just turn him heel and get it over with. But of course, God forbid WWE will do that...
  18. Yeah, Dean pinning Roman and taking his spot would create an excellent rationale for Roman to turn heel on Ambrose shortly down the road. They really should have just pulled the trigger on it at Survivor Series, since the timing and set-up for it would have been perfect, but eh.

    Roman as a heel is what's best for business. Just think of all the people he could work programs with: Dean Ambrose, babyface Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Daniel Bryan (if they ever let him back), Randy Orton, maybe even The Undertaker, etc.
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  19. As much as we can all dream of this, it can't happen
  20. I'll admit it, I was wrong. I honestly believed Ambrose was the weaker of the three, but he's one of my favorites right now, in spite of mediocre booking. I believe Dean has a real shot at winning this thing. The way they treated Reigns like a child in the rumble, made me think that maybe they aren't so sure about Reigns, like Reigns is beginning to deflate a bit backstage or...his supporters are starting to get discouraged.

    Thing is, will the WWE say fuck it, let's put Dean in Roman's spot, or will they say fuck it, let's put the belt on Lesnar and reevaluate after WM. I'm not sure. I think having HHH vs. Lesnar again would be an odd move.
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