Could they treat SD as the testing ground?

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  1. So far it looks like NXT might be a look at the distant future for when HHH takes over. It has a new look from head to toe. But SmackDown is simply a duller more boring version of RAW (excluding this week) but blue. But the thing is, SmackDown will always be the most watched show on SyFy, they're the top dogs there. So why not just use SmackDown as the testing ground instead as it will reach out to more viewers?

    Have SmackDown gradually change into what you want the product to be, or what the people want it to be. You can use it to debut new stars and have them squash people there instead of RAW and give them mic segments etc to get over. No pressure since it's not live either.

    You could have your own storylines, own GM, separate it completely from RAW. What is there to lose? I understand why RAW suddenly doesn't change into what we all want it to be as it's their flagship show on a bigger network.
  2. SmackDown draws low enough ratings as it is (compared to RAW) without being filled with mid-card talent.

    Having no main event talent would kill numbers.

    That's the reason NXT is only shown in parts of Florida, because on a nation scale the rating would bomb.
  3. SD pulls in the highest rating on it's network based upon the WWE brand recognition alone. Look at some of the none draws they've had but still pulled average numbers. Who on SD is an established draw currently?
  4. Isn't it like a stupid amount of weeks in a row that SmackDown has topped the ratings on SyFy?
  5. Bang on Crayo.

    It's worked so well for them in recent months with Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry. Neither of them would've gotten the opportunity on Raw, but when they can use them on Smackdown with less of a risk then they can prove themselves.

    They should've given the GM spot to Barrett while he was injured IMO. He's absolutely perfect for a powerful role like that one, and it would get him outrageous heel heat if used correctly. Much better than Johnny running both anyway.

    But yeah, it should be used as a testing ground, not a place to force an uncharismatic ginger douche down our throats.
  6. Thing is, if it were to be used as a testing ground it would need to be completely separated from RAW again imo.
  7. Basically since Henry started his run but it's been like this even since Smackdown moved to Syfy. Henry solidified it.
  8. So you want to treat SD in a similar way as WWECW was? Well, most things are better than having Raw twice a week, just because I don't want to see the same thing twice a week. Having separate shows would already be a good thing, and the roster is not so deep to the point of needing two brands with separate main eventers and all, I think. Having them separate with most main eventers on Raw and midcarders getting big pushes along with less main eventers on SD... it would be nice.

    But I don't know, SD always feels like some sort of proving ground to me. Most new guys or storylines get thrown there. Big pushes for midcarders happen there. Henry was jobbing on Superstars while on Raw, in the night he was traded to SD he turned heel over John Cena. I know it was a coincidence and all, but it says something. His push, Bryan's push... all on SD.
  9. I haven't watched Smackdown or even kept up with it in a long, long time, but from what I hear from people who do watch it, it's already a testing ground for newer stars, so to speak. Also, saying that SD is the highest rated show on Sy-Fy like it's some sort of big achievement isn't really saying much. SyFy is a out-of-the-way network that doesn't exactly play the most high-quality programming the last I checked.
  10. And that's exactly why SD is the highest rated show. Everything else stinks, so WWE and their loyal fans are enough to destroy every other show.
  11. SmackDown topping Syfy means nothing.
    Syfy has shit programs, SmackDown should be top every week.

    In that case, who does RAW have as actual draws?

    Cena and Punk. That's it..
  12. Brock, HHH, Rock and Vince when on TV. Plus they have a better recognition than Smackdown, also they have Jericho, Miz and Rey when they return. All offering varying degrees of drawing. Plus Raw has better advertising, which is the main thing it comes down to. The point is you don't need to flood the show with the established draws to be a success. So why couldn't Smackdown be the breeding ground for new talent?
  13. You've clearly missed the point of the thread.

    The fact that they're on a weaker network and are constantly topping means it doesn't matter about the quality of the show. That's why I'm suggesting using it like NXT is being used now. SmackDown gets 1.7's-2.0's simply because of the WWE name. No drawing power.
  14. Yeah Smackdown is already being treated like that. First you saw the Prime Time players come on Smackdown now they're starting to come on Raw.
  15. I just think that's a coincidence. I'm talking about revamping WWE on SmackDown to test the waters. If ratings increase dramatically then they can perhaps start to implment them on RAW. If a WWE fan saw NXT but didn't know it was part of WWE, they'd think it was a completely different promotion.
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