Could Triple H get so much World/WWE championship without Stephanie McMahon?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Before I get hated, I'm not trying to say that he was a main eventer because of his relationship with Stephanie, but would he be a champion so many times if he wasn't dating her?
  2. It still would've happened cause he used his status with HBK to get on the booking committee. Once you're in there, you can pretty much call your own number if you so choose (see Kevin Nash)
  3. See late run WCW overall right? I doubt Nash was the only one who booked his own bits.
  4. Definitely not, but IMO the best example.
  5. Kevin Nash is the most known example. However to rehash what senhor said, Triple H was in with McMahon and that whole crew before steph. Sure doesn't hurt shackin up with her though.
  6. Yeah, I think that Steph or not he was already supposed to get a push, friends with HBK and with other higher ups, so I suppose he would've gotten lots of titles, yes.
  7. Without Stephanie, I doubt he'd get pushed quite as strongly in some ways, but he'd still have a lot of world titles. Look at how many others have. Edge has 11, Orton has 17 and Cena has like 24, right?
  8. He' d be a WWE champion for sure, but I don't think they would have pushed him as hard as they did and continue to do if he wasn't with Stephanie. Triple H IMO doesn't have a lot of awesome moments, but he is good as what he does, just not good enough to have as many title reigns as he did.
  9. I agree with From. HHH was going to get to the top, but he doesn't have many great matches or memorable moments once he got there. So without those moments it leads me to believe that Steph definitely had some part in keeping him on top as long as he was.
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