Spoiler Could we eventually see Lesnar team with Reigns?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. So after the end of RAW this week Reigns essentially suffered the same fate as Lesnar last week. I mean, the Authority is building up the heat levels and making plenty of big enemies (again - wash/rinse/repeat). I wonder - since they are building Reigns up now and he had a match with Lesnar where he took a good deal of punishment from the beast - could we see a mutual respect type situation where Lesnar teams up with Reigns to take on the Authority sometime in the future?

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all.
  2. Lesnar's scheduled to appear on next week's ep of RAW in Chicago.
    While I wouldn't mind seeing Lesnar and Reigns teaming up to retaliate against The Authority (and Wyatt), I think Lesnar can do just fine kicking their asses by himself.
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  3. Whatever they decide to do next week, it won't involve Kane.

    Apparently he's not being advertised for next week's RAW, which is awesome.

    Although, Bork wrecking Kane would make me go like...

    (But for now, this seems to be my reaction now that Kane's being kept off TV)
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing the two of them tag together, though I think it would be best if it was a handicap match, like four against them rather than a traditional 2v2.
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  5. I could see the two of them clearing the ring of the entire Authority together in a cool moment on Raw or something, but them teaming together in a match on PPV? Meh. Not that it wouldn't be fun seeing them kick ass together for a one-time occasion, but it'd also be sort of a waste of one of Brock's limited matches imo. Besides, Brock will almost certainly never work another Raw match again in his life since a huge part of his appeal as a 'Special Attraction' is in having to order whichever PPV he's appearing on (or subscribing to the Network as it is) to see him perform, and with him signed to fight Seth Rollins at Battleground, that could only mean that he and Reigns team together at Summerslam and that obviously isn't happening.

    The Authority are a bunch of loser heels anyway; Brock shouldn't need help plowing through them. The booking of him being laid out by them last week was a joke.
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  6. I like your post, but I will say that the one thing that stuck out was the beating the Brock took by the authority. What a cluster fuck. I just mentioned this in another thread, too. Brock has destroyed everyone since wrestlemania 30... And what makes him look weak...a Kane fucking chokes lame?

    No no no... What they should've had to do was taser him and use weapons.. Then choke slam him a lot... Then Rollins hits the pedigree. I wouldn't have preferred a Brock beat down yet any way, but if it had to happen now, they should've had it take a lot more.
  7. If The Big Show were still part of The Authority and had caught Brock with a KO Punch at one point and then choke-slammed him through the announcers' table, that would have been a believable enough way of them managing to stun Lesnar long enough for the four or five of them to collectively band together and put him down completely.

    Tasers, though... I like that. Imagine if Rollins, Kane, and Mercury all had tasers and they all shocked him at the same time before really laying the beatdown on him. Would have been kinda funny too, because a taser was Goldberg's kryptonite the night he lost the Streak in WCW, and now it'd be the way Seth (with a little assistance) was able to put Brock on his back as well. Even the biggest bad-asses are writhing on the ground in pain when they've got electric bolts flowing through their ass.
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  8. :russo:

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  9. I actually got the idea from the Goldberg beat down. It took tasers then a Nash power bomb to finally finish him.

    Brock ends the streak and kills cena and destroys any one in his path, only to be stopped by a Kane choke slam.
  10. It would be OK if they both cleared the Authority out of the ring on Raw and had a staredown or something, just a moment like that would be fine, but I wouldn't do a tag match with them.
  11. This is basically the scenario I was alluding to. I don't think they would ever form a tag team. Unless teddy long comes back.

    Playa Playa
  12. On a side note, I really miss Teddy Long sometimes.

    Holla! Holla!

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  13. I think Lesnar and Reigns coming together is definitely possible as it's an opportunity to take down The Authority and Wyatt but as already said, Lesnar is big enough and good enough to take down them by himself. The guy is a monster.
  14. I could see their move sets flowing into each other really well actually, a few cool spots could be a German suplex rolling into a spear and a superman punch into an F5. It's logical in the story too, plus you could play it as Reigns earned Brock's respect at WM.

    *Note I agree with the people above that it won't happen but it's fun to think about.
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