Could we ever see Cesaro vs Lesnar?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2014.

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  1. Sorry for the Cesaro thread spamming, but could we ever see this, and would you want to? I think the top two matches I really want to see are Bryan vs Lesnar and Cesaro vs Lesnar. I rank them amongst the likes of Cena vs Undertaker which is another feud I want to see happen.

    Is this realistic?
  2. That depends on how long Lesnar sticks around and how high Cesaro ascends up the ranks with his singles push. I wouldn't mind seeing it as a quick one month off feud for Brock to take part in. Lesnar could pick up the win while Cesaro still gets the rub from going toe to toe with Lesnar and trying to match strength with him and giving Brock the Big Swing and The Neutralizer and all that stuff. Seeing these two stiff the hell out of each other and seeing Cesaro survive Brock's punishment and stiff shots and refusing to give up to the Kimura Lock would make Cesaro look tougher than hell. That could do just as much for Cesaro as picking up a victory could.

    Somehow I doubt we'll ever see this, though. Out of all the new(er) stars that could end up getting a match with Lesnar, I think Roman Reigns is the most likely candidate for obvious reasons.
  3. Don't think we will ever see this match personally. By looking at Lesnar's opponents since he returned in 2012 (Cena, HHH, CM Punk, Big Show) it seems that Lesnar has and will only face the big dog's in the WWE right now, especially when he is touted to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30. I feel like by the time (if it happens) Cesaro rises up the rank's to main-event status that Lesnar will no longer be with the WWE. I say this on the basis of his UFC return rumours mainly and that I just don't see him in the WWE in the coming years.

    On another note it would be a fantastic encounter to witness!
  4. Its my #1 WWE dream match along with Ziggler/Brock, but I will never see either happen.
  5. Brock gets paid more to kick people's ass who are playing along. Why would he want to get paid less to go back to getting HIS ass kicked for real? The UFC thing simply isn't happening again.
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  6. Oh absolutely I'd imagine he gets paid a hell of a lot for whipping butt, it's just a gut feeling more than anything that he won't be with the WWE in the years to come.

    Don't get me wrong I'm a Lesnar fan for sure i'm just not confident that he has the passion to continue for many years with the WWE.
  7. You a UFC fan? The look on Brock's face after the Cain/'Reem fights tells me he will think better of jumping back to the octagon if he ever gets a wild hair.
  8. I enjoy the occasional UFC fight but I would be lying if I said I had watched it in the past 4/5 years, only really saw his fights against Frank Mir to be honest.

    I guess time will tell :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. I would love to see it. It all hinders on how much WWE pushes Cesaro. If he's a top contender by Summerslam...I can see this happening.
  10. I don't see Brock ever coming back now that the heavyweight division is stacked and guys can wrestle just good as he can as well as KO him easily.
  11. Yea, this is how WWE needs to shift with Lesnar. He has worked with the big dogs, now have him start elevating people. He doesn't have to job against these types of guys ie Cesaro or Bryan, but simply working with them is a massive rub. Lesnar is similar to Cena in that regard, he can put someone over even when he pins them. See: Cena vs Cesaro from Monday night.
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  12. There are a million factors playing into it IMO. Not the least of which is Brock has a family, which includes two young sons. MMA training camps are pretty intense, you pretty much have to drop everything for 6+ weeks.
  13. exactly. He can beat them...but as long as they give him a real'll be epic to say the least.
  14. Lots of fighters have families. And maybe Brock takes his family life more serious, who knows? I feel that Lesnar met his match and he's realizing that, yes, although he's proven he can fight with the big boys in MMA fighting, he came into the UFC at the right time and won a championship. I'm not taking away anything from Lesnar as he did earn it; however, I feel that his return won't happen primarily because he knows he will lose to several guys.
  15. Lots of fighters have families, but Brock has two boys who were born since right around the end of his UFC career. Brock is a reserved dude who just likes to chill on his ranch. His current set up in WWE is a lot more conducive to that then fighting professionally IMO. Flying to a few cities a year for 8 or 10 WWE appearances is a lot easier on you mentally and physically then training yourself to get locked into a cage for a full blown war with another man.
  16. Dude, I'm not denying that he's not busy with his family life or isn't "chill." He left like right after he got his ass kicked and retired. I'm saying he could still come back if he wanted to--again, many fighters have had to train while they have kids young and old--I just feel he won't because he knows he's out of most of the heavyweights league now. I, personally, would rather have Brock in WWE rather than UFC anyway.

    I could be wrong. I'm just making a guess.
  17. Just depends on his health. I have no clue the status of his diverticulitis, but if he was all heeled up he is hardly just some jobber in the HW division. He would be a top 5 HW and beat a lot of good fighters, again health pending. He lost to the best HW in the world and the best HW striker in the world when he was sick, doesn't mean he suddenly is a bad fighter. I sincerely doubt Brock is scared of the fighters in the division, I simple can't see it playing a role.
  18. I'm sure Lesnar is gonna resign after WM 31. I mean come on. I know he'll still be able to go in the ring and whatever. So who knows, if Brock gets another extension, I think we'll see this match if Cesaro is a major star by then
  19. If his health was really that bad...he wouldn't have been able to compete in his last fight and he would've looked way worse even if he could compete. In addition, he wouldn't be doing WWE. Granted, the WWE schedule is easy and he only fights now and then...but if his health was bad...he wouldn't be going into rings and getting his onto steel steps, leaping over ropes and smashing into shit, etc...
    I feel he could maybe, and this is a big maybe, be in the top 5 fighters in the world. Brock has always been a decent fighter who, again, came into UFC at the right time. Now that they have several guys who are well versed in several things, younger, etc., I honestly think Brock would be destroyed way too easily.
    He did lose to one of the best strikers in the world, yes. But, I feel it was a wake up call for him. Like "oh shit....maybe im not as good as I think I am"....He started feeling that way when he almost lost to shane carwin, a fight I feel he should've lost.
    I could be wrong, just feel like Lesnar made his point and then realized that there's too many good fighters now...he would have to step it up even more.
  20. I'd be pretty hyped to see this, Cesaro is excellent!
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