Could we get a Tweener

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  1. I recently discovered what Tweener meant thanks to the insightful wrestling phrases section :haha:

    Since we have heel and face it would only be fair to include tweener as well. Could we make it happen?
  2. Up to Crayo or Xanth I guess. If you could come up with some reasons why it should be added to help convince them I think it would only help your cause.
  3. Not everyone is heel fan or face fan, some like both equally. Plus the whole ideal is kind of vague and leave a lot to guess. Does it mean your preference of superstar or reference to self. Tweener would just make the oh so daunting decision of "heel or face" easier
  4. Yes, Crayo, I believe we should have an option in our profile for "Tweener". So far, we have the option to be either a Face, or a Heel; but what if we had the option to choose tweener? It would change things up a bit and add a new edition to our profile.

    I think OP has a great idea that should be implemented. Plus, it would only take about a half of minute to do.
  5. Okay, done.
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  6. :obama: Nicely done Xanth.
  7. Automated message: Suggestion has been accepted.
  8. Someone read my wrestling phrases help document :yay:
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