Could we see Bray Wyatt tonight?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 7, 2013.

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    I know he does this a lot, but is it probable?
  2. At Mania I doubt it but Raw after I see it being possible.
  3. Don't really think it's happening but if he participates it'll be amazing
  4. I don't know. Don't really see where could fit in right now, except maybe with Swagger and Zeb, but again I have my doubts. Might just be for Wrestlemania, and maybe attending backstage and whatnot. It would be a good swerve though to add him onto Wrestlemania, and have him cost one of the title matches on the show.
  5. I think it would be a bad idea for a relative unknown to re-debut at Mania. He would just be an afterthought unless he did something huge, and let's face it, Husky Harris isn't coming out on Mania and getting the better of anyone who could make this feel impactful.

    If there will be a roster call up, it will come tomorrow night IMO. Hopefully it's Chris Hero doe
  6. Not at WM, but on the following Raw it's a possibility.
  7. Not tonight, very possible for it to happen tomorrow night though. I see HM and/or Ohno showing up on RAW
  8. If he shows up it will be on the pre-show. Raw tomorrow is more likely.
  9. Can see a video package of Bray tonight and him debuting tomorrow, that would be pretty cool.
  10. Promo videos during the show hyping him for RAW? Why bring him out on Mania when people are in the middle of feuds? Wouldn't make a lot of sense tbh.
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