Could we see the old Cena back?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Based on what Edge said about how he wants to see the old Cena back and later in the end, he brings his chain on the contract signing, is it possible to see the old Cena back? Maybe even Dr. Thuganomics?
  2. I'd mark for the Dr, but I don't think they will. In normal circumstances I'd think "Yay, someone is getting a gimmick change", but we've been fooled many times by WWE. I'm sure he'll simply rise above or something.
  3. Im hoping to see the old cena i want the cena on his debut match came out and took his loss to kurt like a man.
  4. i would like to see old cena back but i dont think so meaby on next ppv if he lose on ER
  5. I think a big loss to Brock at ER could be the catalyst for a long overdue gimmick change for Cena. This could then be one of the cornerstones along with Punks worked shoot and Ace win at WM and one more yet to be decided (by me at least) event in starting a new era. #Isowishthiswastrue
  6. I'm hoping this is true. I thought this was the case but so many times Cena has just risen above.
  7. Tie him to Mark Henry and Big Show then. No way he'd rise above with that amount of ballast.
  8. I would love to see rapper Cena as a heel back but since WWE is PG that wont happen
  9. PG has nothing to do with it :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. How very dare you, we all know that being PG ruined wrestling forever more. Booking and gimmicks has nothing to do with it, everything would be great if we had TV 14. Only kids watch wrestling today even though I was 6 when I watched in 2000 kids never watched because it was well more mature. Rock wanting to put everything up other men's arse totally mature.

  11. I actually miss him.
  12. It would be nice to see him change, because of the loss or simply because Edge said he needs to be the old Cena, IDK. Cena's gimmick is the definition of stale imo.
  13. I miss him making himself look like a moron.
  14. It would b nice I guess. I can't say I dislike him now, tho
  15. Not seen you in a while Kia :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. We know you miss Jeebak Crayo. Get over it :otunga:
  17. Thanx Crayo, I missed u 2. (Been gone cuz of this wicked mobile. If I had a keyboard, I could actually type like a real adult)
  18. PG has everything to do with it. Back in the old days when Cena was in his rapper gimmick he could write his own raps without management changing it but then when WWE went PG management started editing his raps to the point he couldnt do the gimmick no more as he was so watered down. PG sucks and ruins wrestling
  19. Bullshit, he was changed because the rapper gimmick wasn't main event material. He needed something more serious to be the star. Wrestling was PG for the majority of it's days so it does far from ruin it. Poor booking does. Like when Brock was running around on Smackdown it was PG as it had been through the AE, see video below.

  20. Hope so but I can't trust WWE they trolled us with that stupid filler storyline making us think he will be like old times at Mania but all he was was a smiling douche lookin ass getting his ass handed to him.
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