Could Ziggler actually win the Rumble?

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  1. Think about it. If he wins the Rumble, he can feud with the current WHC and have the big match at Wrestlemania. He loses to the champion, but after he loses he cashes in his briefcase and wins.

    Could this happen?
  2. Not a fan as it undermines the Rumble even more if that happens. Although a failed cash in on RR night before a Rumble victory would be great IMO, but expecting him to be eliminated 4th from last.
  3. Pretty sure we've all resigned ourselves to the unfortunate reality that the odds are 90% Cena, 5% Ryback, 5% someone else. The chances of Dolph winning are sadly slightly better than Dolph's winning.

    But... that means there's a chance!

    Can't see Vince booking Ziggler to win, not because of the talent but to avoid the potential convoluted mess you wrote in the OP. Plus, didn't you post that they still don't know what to do with the Del Rio push that is going well, so why mess with it further?

    He'll last a long while (ask Miz and Cody last year how much that means smh) but won't make it.
  4. WM is still quite a bit away and he's been champion for nearly a month already. I don't think it's a mess either, WWE likes to do unique things and "first time ever" stuff and this could be one of them. It's just one possible theory, I still think Cena is winning.
  5. I could see it happening, yes. I think Cena will win but I wouldn't be thaat surprised if it happened.
  6. Looks like my failed MITB cash in at RR, followed by a Ziggler win is still a possibility. :yay:
  7. Would be great to see, and funny to see Dolph marks who don't believe he can win the Rumble raging at him losing MITB.
  8. I think this would be really interesting if it happens. I still have the terrible feeling that Cena will win but I hope that I'm wrong.
  9. Possibly. But it doesn't seem to be his time yet. Next year seems more likely.
  10. So my theory is actually a realistic outcome? Dope.
  11. The thought had never crossed my mind. WWE isn't smart enough for this.

    The rocket ship has been stuck directly up Dolph's ass, I'm just waiting for WWE to light the fuse so he can take off to the top.
  12. Possible WrestleMania 29 Plans For Dolph Ziggler...

  13. I guess it can be possible?
  14. Last Man Standing is the rule for ADR/Show tonight. They did this a few weeks ago when ADR won. It's not a co-incedence.

    Dolph cashes in tonight, fails, then wins the Rumble.
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