Forum Game Countdown Conundrum

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 25, 2014.

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  1. The game goes as so...

    Each CONUNDRUM is 9 letters long.
    You choose the word. (from this website
    You choose the clue.

    You pick your 9 letter word and jumble it up however you please...
    Then give us a vague clue as to what the real word is. We try to guess (hopefully without the use of websites).
    The first guesser that posts their answer does their own conundrum next.

    - For instance...

    Conundrum: ACNEGROIN

    Clue: For lack of knowledge

    Answer: IGNORANCE

    Who's up for it?
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    bitches be crazy
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  3. Is it FEMINIST? That's the only thing that comes to my mind. But you have two S letters in there, so I dunno...
  4. Feminists?
  5. Damn, you beat me to the punch!
  6. No, it's actually your win. I wrote Feminist, without the remaining S letter. Bravo C.M. Bryan, you dumbass.
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  7. I suppose it's my go then.
    Conundrum: TNEUVERLO
    Clue: "I _________ as tribute!"
  8. Answer: VOLUNTEER
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  9. Haha, I felt like that clue would make it a bit obvious, but I just couldn't resist.
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  10. It's cool, bro. The point to all of this is that we have some fun.
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  11. So is it your go again?
  12. Yeah, man. The first guesser that posts their answer does their own conundrum next.
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    Clue: A very serious lawn
  14. I keep seeing "GRAVY":idk:
  15. You're close to guessing.
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  17. Yes.

    Shoot, bro.
    A popular card game
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    Clue: The name is from the Greek hepar
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