Counter-Strike GO

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mainstream87, Aug 14, 2012.

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    The best shooter coming out in my opinion. Granted, I am a huge Counter-Strike fan. These new features and maps look awesome. Also, excited to see the return of most of the great maps that are fan favorites from the past games. The Source engine looks to have even improved more which is quite amazing.
  2. I'm not lieing when I say I have never played Counter-Strike..
  3. Massive counter strike fan too. Played since 1.6. Though I'm worried it will lose its originality and turn into a wannabe-CoD game, but we'll see when it comes out.
  4. What is counter-strike? :shock:
  5. Yeah, i agree, which may be one reason i am very excited about it, most shooters these days just aren't fun anymore. From what i have read Valve has expressed how dissapointed they are with most shooters and want to remain different from most. From what ive seen it looks awesome anyway hah.
  6. Not a fan of shooter games tbh..
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