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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Anyone play it here? I much prefer it to CS:GO personally, but I have both. My steam is CrayoWF is anyone ever wants to play.
  2. how much does it cost
  3. Don't even know why I ask, I have no money atm anyway lol.
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  4. Yeah it's quite a bit but it's a fun game. Old and graphics don't matter. Hope someone gets it lol

  5. I might get it on Friday. I need more PC games. The only other games I've got are Star Wars and FM 2012. :dawg:
  6. Star Wars :yay:

    You play Xbox btw?
  7. Star Wars Sith Lords. :obama:

    & I have Xbox Live- I saw your thread about MW3 - I might pick it up. Next time i'm in Game. My GT is : Lacky02 - I'm super original. :haha:
  8. 500 + hours here, yo

    what you play on it?
  9. I really should get this game, I was thinking of getting CS:GO so Ill get this instead.
  10. If I got a free download of this online (Dont have the money to buy it right now) would I be able to play with you guys or is it a different version?
  11. I'll get it tomorrow.
  12. Awesome. Had 1,300+ hours on my other account (Xanth can verify) but I can't remember the damn information for it. What do you mean what do I play on it?

    I much prefer CSS to CS:GO. I have both and will try and play CSGO more, but CSS is still awesome.

    Nope. You can only play on cracked servers with the free version.

  13. That free version had a virus which would edit my browser so I luckily got rid of that early, I may be able to get it today or tomorrow.
  14. I've had CSS for a while now, Steam ID is RespectedWhale1. Might get on sometime.
  15. I need to make a decision... After getting paid I can only afford to buy this game or go out on Sunday night. Decisions decisions :hmm:
  16. CSS > Social life

    Adding you now DKJames
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  17. Y U NO ADD ME!

  18. :mad2:
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