Counting to 1,000: Special memories from Raw's milestone episodes

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  1. Counting to 1,000: Special memories from Raw's milestone episodes


    You don't reach the incredible milestone of 1,000 episodes without hitting many other remarkable ones along the way. It was more than 17 years ago that Raw celebrated its 100th episode, and since that time, while the faces and champions may have changed, the inimitable nature of WWE's flagship program has remained constant – and never ceases to amaze.

    As Raw rapidly approaches its historic 1,000th episode on July 23, there's no better time to trace how we got here, milestone by exciting milestone. Join as we take a closer look at each of these milestone episodes. You'll find out which Superstars grabbed the spotlight, who put on the best matches, and learn why Raw has always been a show where "anything can happen," just as Mr. McMahon first proclaimed nearly two decades ago. (WATCH PLAYLIST)

    Were you at any of these landmark episodes and have photos of the events? Click here to find out how you can submit your Raw photos for the chance to be featured on

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  3. Going off recent weeks can see this been 3 hours of constant bitching and moaning on WWEforums bout how crap it is.

    No doubt filled with pointless matches, bad decisions and some ridiculously long looks at previous RAW's maybe back when it was good.
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