Cover for upcoming WCW War Games DVD!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. This is the cover for the new WCW DVD being released by WWE called War Games: WCW's most notorious matches.


    Looks pretty awesome, I like the sound of this DVD, Its on my list to buy this year.

  2. A very nice cover indeed.
  3. Great cover, I like it, I may buy the DVD instead of watching it online
  4. Another great DVD to add to my massive wrestling collection but watching this is just gonna make me miss WCW even more.
  5. Yeahm that's true, it sucks that WWE fucked WCW up
  6. WCW did more to fuck themselves up more than WWE ever did. (Vince McMahon even stated this opinion in a 2007 interview.) They blew their two hottest angles - the NWO and Goldberg - and didn't have any other strong ideas to follow up with. Not to mention the chaotic nature of how things were run backstage, where there wasn't someone with a bright and clear vision like Vince running things.

    The War Games was one of the awesome ideas that WCW came up with, though. WWE even lifted it and reshaped it into another form with the Elimination Chamber idea.
  7. Great cover, I might just buy the DVD.
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