Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Tribute thread to the Owner of this forum, king of gimmick hating gimmicks, and the guy who eats less than 80 grams of fat a day.
    Post how much you love/love to hate on this pig fucker, and lets see how many times he gets his asslicked. so far the count is at one.
    Now go buy l4d2.

    Dont worry xanth, I'd make one for you but the casuals have no idea who you are, and Xanth already > crayo.
  2. Crayo is a boss. So line me up your best ass salad. :otunga:
  3. Worst poster ever, so much spamming.
  4. This isn't a thread dedicated to me. :haha:


    Youll have to make/eat your own.
  5. You're the ying to his yang, two halves of the same picture.
  6. Made me giggle.
  7. He's always there. A genuine good person in his heart. True Story: On a number of occasions, I've offered to donate $ to this site and he's always insisted on taking half of what I wanted.
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  8. lol.
  9. Awesome guy, but he cheated on me with Xanth so yeah
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  10. After you cheated on me with every male with a pulse.
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  11. Vince > crayo. :lol1:
  12. No I didn't! I stood faithful on you!
  13. :lol1: vince, miz, and like 3 more.
  14. what a gay fucking thread
  15. Came before Crayo came into my life in a romantic sense.
  16. Let's face it.. Hannah only gives any of you the time of day because I won't give her the attention she desperately wants from me. I could make her climax simply by pointing and saying 'booya'
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  17. I admit! I love you Dolph's!
  18. I know. You aren't as bad as I used to make you out to be either.
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