Cranky Vince hints that wrestler wants contract release

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 1, 2012.

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  2. If true, I wonder who... :hmm:
  3. Well that entire story is complete and utter bullshit.
  4. Could be Del Rio. He has threatened it before so it is possible.
  5. If someone is released it'll be pretty cool.
  6. These dudes are sorta ungrateful asking for release when there's guys who would love to be apart of the WWE roster.

    I wouldn't care how crappy i was treated i'd stick around and work my way to the top instead of running off like a pansy.

    Do they not know how lucky they are you're apart of the biggest wrestling company in the world. And yet you want to quit just like Tyler reks and MVP. I hate quitters. :finger:
  7. I think Lacky posted a great thread about the contracts of the wrestlers. They don't make nearly as much as I thought besides a few. I would suspect if it were true that it was a guy that could make movie elsewhere. IE movies
  8. That's their choice, if wrestlers don't get to wrestle then what's the point of being a wrestler? MVP is in NJPW right now and he's doing pretty good there. Tyler Reks wanted to spend more time with his family, that's a pretty good reason to leave, wrestlers sacrifice lots of time away from their family, it's good he puts them before anything. If you hardly get to wrestle, get TV time, etc. what's the point in being in WWE? Why would I be part of a band when everybody else plays the instruments and I only get one song? If you have a dream but you don't get to live in there's no point in being in that spot, and there's many choices to choose from.
  9. Could be just rumors.
  10. Did it start the Big Show retirement rumors? He didn't retire yet.. Someone said it.
  11. MVP would have probably been WHC or WWE champ by now. Tyler reks was getting pushed when he left. All i am saying they should already know the business.

    Everybody can't be The rock or Stone cold or in this era Cena or Punk. That's what hard work does pay off i mean look at Heath slater. He took what WWE gave him and ran with it. Now he's apart of a pretty entertaining stable along with Drew and Jinder.

    He went from jobber to mid card stable leader in a few short months.

    You can't go up without being down first.
  12. Lol busted Andrew.
  13. Not everybody gets to. And not everybody is going to wait 15 years like Mark Henry. Val Venis, Dean Malenko, and many others never got the world championship. And as I said, Tyler put his family before the business, in my opinion he made the right choice. Yes he walked out on the business, but that was to be part of his child's life, that's worth more then all the world championships in the world. And you don't know that, the way WWE treats other races of people, he would have stayed midcard forever. MVP was smart to move out of WWE, not everybody goes from jobber to superstar, and yes Heath went from jobber to midcard stable leader, but let's see what WWE does with this stable.
  14. as for this andrew guy, he claims he isn't "cranky vince". I don't know if I believe him or not.

    if its true someone did ask for a release, I hope its ADR. but if not, Its probably someone who is being misued.Besides playing a guessing game on whether or not its Andrew or not, wwe needs to find out who it is the way they found out who chris benoit's wife wikipedia hacker was. They should have done that a long time ago.
  15. I bet its some jobber thats finally had enough
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