Crayluminati Hates Black People

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Feb 28, 2014.

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    We had though they had submerged into the deep crevasses that are the stretch marks under Xanth's tits, but it seems they were just secretly scheming the entire time! They live! The Crayluminati is everywhere! They could be your friend, your boss, your mom, your dad, your sister, shadow's sister!

    In their deep resentment towards me, they've made it their number one duty to eradicate all black people from WWE Forums, starting with niggaswag. Niggaswag was promised a return to the forums in celebration of black history month, since he is the greatest activist for African American civil rights since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. However, the Crayluminati obliterated the agreement and as a way to get people's focus away from niggaswag they brought back vanilla midget CM Punk!

    Our sources deep undercover in the Crayluminati headquaters, which is Crayo's bootycall's house, has uncovered their evil plot for the genocide of all African-Americans on the forums. First they want to contaminate our natural kool-aid filled waters with tea and revitalize Kid Rock's career as the newest member of YMCMB. It's onlyioh hvcsbsduivbsiduviusdv
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Well played.
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  4. :win:
  5. "Would you get outta here?!"
  6. Fixed.
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  7. What's a black person?
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