#Crayluminati recruits Lady Lesbang and a bunch of other shit

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Aug 4, 2013.

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    It's been months since you guys last heard of me and the #Crayluminati has gained full power just like I said they would. After there plan to end the world failed in 2012, they have been devising new plans to make sure that we all remain their slaves! Now I can't go into extreme detail because I am constantly being monitored by my own government because of the #Crayluminati corruption inside of it.

    First I would like to point out something I missed. "Ball so hard, muhfuckas wanna find me. That shit Cray". [​IMG] Just another example of #Crayluminati brainwash written by Cornwall West & Jay-Xanth. Let's dissect those lyrics because there is a message there. "Ballin'" for you ethinically challenge cracke- i mean suburban people means to be wealthy and we all know Crayo is wealthy since he charges $1000.00 per group. Since it was so expensive I confronted Crayo on the issue, but I couldn't get pass his secretary 666 Solidus. Hence the next part of the lyrics "muhfuckas wanna find me". Crayo knew I was looking for him, so he hid out in his cooperate towers until I was distracted elsewhere, but I was not.

    Crayo gathered information on me and he knew I had a thing for asian schoolgirls and tentacles. That's when Lady Lesbang became a member of the #Crayluminati. I had expected it for quite some time, but I was still shocked at the change, with her green username to represent that she sold out. Shortly after becoming a part of the #Crayluminati she has already been in strong contention for MOTM, which stands for Murderer of Teen Mothers. An award that many #Crayluminati members have won in the past, including Lacky (who I'm 99% sure is Satan).

    So with me distraught at the betryal, I found myself cornered. I was unable to post what I wanted during the late night because Lady Lesbang was watching my every move. I'm still on the run as we speak, but you havent heard of this in the news because #Crayluminati controls the media, with fake news like the whole situation with Edward Snowden. Snowden is actually Seabs, who has disappeared from the forums and that's because he's hiding out in facade to fool all of you people into thinking this imaginary character is the real man on the run, when it's actually me.

    I will not stop until the #Crayluminati is revealed to the masses. Dat Kid out...
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  2. One of the guys with the most entertaining posts on the site. How have you not won MOTM?
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  3. He's black
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  4. Only half!
  5. This just made me laugh audibly.
  6. Inb4 Future Endeavoured
  7. Write a novel.
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  8. I wish
    50 Shades of Cray...luminati
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  9. Wait, they are hunting Dat Kid? Then it's not Crayluminati.

    It's the CrayCrayCray
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  10. ^ legit lol'd
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