Crayo asked for a nipple pic

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Seab

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  2. Stopspot

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  3. Xanth

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  4. Aids Johnson

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  1. And this is what the chatroom got. Dont post if you were there, but guess whose nipple this is.

  2. its the broken image's nipple
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  3. :fap:


    right click > open image in new tab
  4. Fixed your image.
  5. Xanth. I recognize him anywhere.. even his nipple lmao!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Sexiest nipple in the world.
  8. Xanth's then. :eww: Gross.
  9. God that is :Eww: AND hairy as shit. I say it's the scotty's nip.
  10. <removed>



    True Love
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  11. It can't be Crayo's since it's a manboob so yep, it's that fatass :xanth:
  12. ^Fat nippletard.
  13. Crayo is gay for cena.
  14. It goes nipple, dick, pussy, butt hole

    who sent what?

    I'm assuming? :
    Nipple: Xanth
    Dick; Crayo
    Pussy; Xanth?
    Butt hole: Crayo?
  15. Hi my names Dolph's I don't post my picture.
  16. Hi my names Dolph's I don't post my picture.
  17. Blech. Disgusting.
  18. At this point I never will. I assume you all think I am fat or disgusting or both and I would hate to spoil that for you.
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