Crayo attacks Justin Bieber

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  1. Better luck next time.
  2. So Bieber lip sings. Unless he can sing while being tackled or it's just a backing track.
  3. To be fair, there was a pause when he was tackled and then kept singing afterward. Not defending him or anything, I'm just saying what I see, lol.
  4. Don't most pop stars lip sync? Could be wrong though.
  5. Like, half of them. Since there's Youtube now, a lot of them post themselves (or their record label) singing acapella/acoustic things. It might just be me, though.
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    Lol that guy got destroyed. One guy gets on stage and people lose their shit.

    Fuckers need to be more like this

    Fuckin crazy rednecks lol
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  7. Ah. Well I don't doubt they can sing "live" but it makes sense for them to lip sync when they're performing in front of thousands when that smallest slip up can end up all over TMZ and such.
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  8. Yeah, but I don't see any of the audience actually going up to one of them and fucking touching them and shit like a weirdo, lmao.
  9. Yeah, it does. I mean, most people can distinguish who is mostly comprised of auto-tune and who isn't, apparently knowing who is using and not using auto-tune is extremely important to people, lmao.
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    Hmm true. Bieber should have thrown a right hook. I would mark so hard.

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  12. Jesus Christ, I don't like the kid, but concert security fucking sucks. Buckethead got surprised by a fan, Slash got attacked by one, and may I need to remind everybody of Dimebag Darrell? Security needs to get their shit together and actually DO their job.
  13. This is ridiculous. People who attack Bieber are fucking retarded. I love how Bieber no sold the fuck out of him and was like "yolo, let's sing". So much swag.

    That piano could have levelled so many people.
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  14. You're just jealous that you don't have his swag. He be stuntin all the hoes.
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  15. Is that Lily? God damn girl is cheating on me.

    R Albin Xanth
  16. Obviously. Check the tags I put yesterday.
  17. Would mark out if it was a jilted ex lover.