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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Kyle, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. ily babe

    [5:52:34 PM] Kyle: fucking shit emails
    [5:52:47 PM] Kyle: about shit fags in underwear touching each other
    [5:55:00 PM] CRRRRRAAAAAYYYYYYOOOOOO: ill shank you so fast
    [5:55:11 PM] Kyle: do it you fat shit
    [5:55:13 PM] Kyle: uk fag
    [5:55:23 PM] CRRRRRAAAAAYYYYYYOOOOOO: ill cut ur penis off and rape your asshole with it
    [5:55:35 PM] Kyle: now im horny

  2. Fml. I should just disable Skype I swear. Everything I say becomes a sig or a thread :emoji_slight_frown:.
  3. :haha::lol1::jericho::pity::dawg::jeritroll::burns:

    You should make it a rule, not to leak your personal conversations.
  4. no babe keep talkin to me
  5. Crayo likes cock.

  6. Must be weird sucking your own dick, you'd be like :yay: I'm getting head but at the same time you'd be all :cry: I'm sucking a dick. Then you finish and you're all :alone:
  7. That is Crayo logic.
  8. It's out of context. I said I'd do it if there were chocolate spread all over it.
  9. Well that makes perfect sen.....

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  10. > Got text saying will smother choc spread on your dick and suck it
    > Replied with "will end up sucking my own dick"
    > Somehow me and Jonathan were talking about it
    > It now looks like I'd suck my own dick anywhere anytime (which I would)
  11. It makes no difference! You're still sucking your own dick! :dafuq: :silva:
  12. Or just delete the douches like him and Jonathan. Really.:pity:
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