Crayo Said He'll Upgrade Me To Legend If I Do This, So Here It Is

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. [size=x-large]
    The Hierarchy Of

    The President/Chairman:

    Executive Producer:
    Xanth (yeah, I know, but you gotta give the man a credit)

    Executive Vice President of Talent Relations:
    @[Jose Tortilla]

    General Manager:

    GM's Assistent:

    Face Of The Company/Forum:

    @[Not Seabs]

    @[Vince McMahon]

    Asst. to the Boss:

    @[Leo C]

    Security CEOs:


    Ring Announcer:
    @[Randy Savage] (the Steiner Esq.)

    Time Keeper:
    @[Mike.] (yes, insert some jokes here)

    Ring Girl:

    Backstage Interviewers:

    Production Truck:

    Food and Drink Applier:

    Social Media Networking Officers:
    @[Big Hoss Rambler]
    @[AidsJohnson] (spreading aids is a helluva media)

    Legal Representatives:
    @[Booker T]
    @[The Rock*]

    Some names like Darksidetrin, Ziggles, TheWindyfan, and others are not included because they are either cameramen or in security, plus this post would be too damn long.:dawg:

    [size=x-small]***sorry if some tagging didn't went well, some users are slapnuts' or fat***[/size]

    To confirm Crayo's words and I'm not an abuser, here they are:
    There it is, you're all welcome. #ForumPower :ace:
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  2. I'm just an agent? Fuck this!
    @[Crayo] his list is wrong, no Legends :-)
  3. As the General Manager of this forum. I wholeheartedly support this list, and people power :ace:
  4. Don't trust Xanth with food supplying.
  5. :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

    Asst. to the boss? Vince and I are like, a pair. (I miss Vince. :[[)
  6. Agent? Fuck this shit im out so under appreciated round here. I swear down its all Foleys fault, #ThanksAgainMick
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  7. I heard it was Vickie's TBH. :lol1:
  8. As General Manager I hereby promote @[Not Seabs] to the rank of commissioner :ace: People power!
  9. :((

    BUT STOPSPOT! :(((((((((((((((((
  10. Such a boss boss boss thread. You should put Big Hoss as Advertising Executive or something, look at his referral count :lol1:.
  11. Nice list; the new face of the forum certainly deserves a promotion/upgrade. As someone who is just a fan and not on the list, I demand it in the name of #ForumPower!

    (And this is my 50th post -- woot!)
  12. #ForumPower is a hash tag I'm willing to use over and over :ace:
  13. Why am i NOT the Manager of Spinaroonies, :booker: SUCKA?

  14. Youre damn right :kiss:
  15. OK, you're in. #WomenPower

    Mr. GM himself, Stopspot promoted you to the Commissioner. You're welcome. @[Not Seabs]

    On your place as the agent comes @[Reaction]. Thank you, no need to thank me over and over again.

    OK, you have my permission, I'm approving it as long as you credit me for it. #ForumPower :ace:

    Thanks dawg. #ForumPower :dawg:

    Get on your paperwork and lace up your tie, rumor has it that Japanese wrestling forum is coming after us. #SaveUs

    The hierarchy has been updated.

    Now on the business, what's the decision Crayo? I told people to stay tuned about it, don't let them down.
  16. Testify = Legend.

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  17. wtf is this shit? Show some respect for the GOAT of this shit hole
  18. I want a new contract, I wanna be world champion god DAMN it!
  19. [​IMG]
  20. You make me sick.
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