Crayo, the FGT.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. I forgot how to PM< so i just wanted to let @cynthio know he is a fgt. @Dolph'sZiggler is also a traitor. Go back to WF, straightrod. Go have sex with women, in San Fran. Hint for the bros, she is a tranny! OH GET GOT! Homo.
  2. I got 2.32 for make new thread. Can you idiots take if away from FTJ-glish?
  3. dis be y we don't drink the alcohols if we can'ts keep our heads level real talk thug life
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  4. :notsure:
  5. On phone, who's potato again? Aids? Deth?
  6. my thoughts every time I browse the forum
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  7. Funi cuz it's true.
  8. Oh yeah, its Saturday.
  9. It's Aids, and it's closed.
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  10. Lol sorry deth.
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