Crayo vs Dolphs

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  1. Hollywood Dolph's Ziggler

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  2. Crayon the baws.

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  1. Let's be serious here, this is HQ WWEF lockerroom posting at it's finest. If you had to pick a side, which one would you choose, and why?? This is legendary WWEF stuff, since there is no comparison. This isnt Hogan vs Ultimate warrior, this isnt SCSA vs Rocky, this is our forum battle that will generate a great amount of laughs. Vote 1, and vote why, because your vote will be public anyway.

    I vote D'Z, Hollywood nWo member. Should be an arguement for the ages, or too short for anyone to appreciate, its a coin flip. Either way DZ > Crayon the owner.

    INB4thisisLQ after we just finished giving away competition award winner for last post in 12 hours.

  2. I vote Dolphs cause he didn't take away all the pretty colours. :otunga:
  3. I voted Crayo
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  4. I voted Crayo cause i love crayo
  5. umm, where's the "Hannah James" option? :emoji_wink:)

    LOLJK going with Crayo. I was supposed to go to Dolph's but he indirectly robbed me moolah.
  6. Dolph's because 87% of people here is his bitch.
  7. Crayo. I simply get along with him better than Dolph's. No offense to the latter
  8. Crayo because he always talks football with me.
  9. Voted Dolph's.

    Aids is Dolph's resident asslicker. I need to get me one of those, Xanth isn't doing a good enough job.
  10. You have Jonathan don't you? :haha:
  11. Double count out.
  12. Yea not sure what was supposed to come of this poll. I'm surprised to have 4 votes


    I was thinking about that earlier. What sort of chump makes a chick pay for his cab fare. I really hate that guy
  13. Love ya, Crayo, but I gotta go with Dolph's here.

    nWo 4Life.


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  14. [​IMG]

    Yeah, was honestly just bored as fuck last night here, assumed it wouldnt make it even close to this far. As far as asslicker goes, crayo i can still pencil you in for a session, aids is a working class asslicking hero.
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  15. That sentence is so perfect.
  16. Crayo talking about anyone on this board asslicking/being asslicked is hilarious. He has the biggest troupe of asslickers known to mankind
  17. Voted Hollywood brother only because Crayo doesn't know to smell blood.
  18. Awww Dolph's cared. :((

    And it's pizza. XDDDD YELLOW Cab.
  19. Why would a pizza company name themselves Yellow Cab? That just seems intentionally confusing
  20. We call our cabs "taxis" here.

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