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  1. [​IMG]


  2. ... that's actually amazing...

    Did you seriously just go off and make that?
  3. Yes.

    There's a new version btdubs.
  4. Okay. Well since the sidebar isn't made we can't use these ones, but the next PPV (TNA's) or even RAW next week we could perhaps. Be cool if "wwe forums" was somehow on there though.
  5. Very good stuff.
  6. [​IMG]

    What do you think baby cakes?
  7. Perhaps WWEForums presents HIAC Live Discussion Thread?

    Good job btw :otunga:
  8. That's so awesome... I never knew you were good at this stuff. Using you like a bitch from now on :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. There's only so much you can put on it. :vince:
  10. Make it fit in or face the wrath of the great Leo :bury:
  11. fine

  13. Good job cutie
  14. @[Crayo] Let me tag you, sexy.

  15. remember "wweforums" :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Love it.
  16. [​IMG]


    Not sure which I like more.
  17. That blue/black text blends in too much with the background. Change that colour scheme.
  18. I'm not trying to make it stand out.
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