Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Jan 2, 2013.

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  2. See, everybody pretends you dont exist. Lanny Poffo, go fuck yourself.
  3. What's up with random users who aren't mods acting like mods :dawg:
  4. What's up with random users who aren't mods pointing out that there are random users who aren't mods acting like mods
  5. Lanny posted?
  6. Crayo is a candy ass. Believe it
  7. [​IMG]

    12 pages of nothing but Crayo threads, damnit guys.
  8. A lot of those threads are started by users that I know for a fact are nothing more than alt accounts started by Crayo himself. In some instances he has others playing these characters, in others he plays them himself. This whole thing stinks to high heaven and it's rotten all the way up to the top. I don't think WWE Forums is ready for me to blow the lid off of Crayo's schemes
  9. so are you and me the only people on this forum that aren't crayo?

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    how do i know you aren't crayo?

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    or myself?
  10. The thought of Randy actually being Crayo entertains me too much.
  11. yes crayo we know
  12. :gtfo: crayo
  13. I'm for sure not Crayo, I am black not a Eurofag.
  14. Plot twist: This is all a dream.
  15. Plot twist: We're all dead and this is our form of heaven.
  16. Swagga jacking me from yesterday. :aries:
  17. Plot twist: I jizz
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