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  1. Are you banned on HF too or is it temporary because it says your account is closed.
  2. 1 month ban.
  3. I'm banned 4Life!

  4. Both of you are fags.

  5. 4Life!


  6. Knew it
  7. Lmao @ this thread.
  8. I'm banned until the 19th! I almost thought dead account because they found 20 of my backups.
  9. I feel like I'm the only one not on this hackforums banned hype....
  10. Probably because we acted like arses over there. You're still pretty HQ, hats off to you tbh :emoji_slight_smile:. I would like to say I was unfairly banned. Lith though... :ziped::ziped::ziped:
  11. I'm not banned.
  12. I got banned for Sh*t I didn't do, but I made a New Account, It Begins 01/02/12. I'm allowed to have the account, I have PM for proof.
  13. Got banned for tellin them i were gonna hack them -_- they can not take a joke when it comes to what there forum is about!
  14. Lmao GAF.

    It's boring over there anyway for me personally. I'm completely "White Hat".
  15. I'm not banned.
  16. 600 rep to boss
  17. Got banned their again for giving my opinion, lol!
    Banned Lifted: 07/07/12
  18. Lol wow harsh.
  19. I was like, "Omniscent, you're ugly and fat, go outside."