Crayos future

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  1. When Orton is champ, and Jericho has to go one one 1 with Orton, just remember one thing, this'll be @[Crayo]'s future :emoji_grin:

    I'm about to get inside your head @[Crayo], all you have to do is admit Orton is better than Jericho.
  2. Or even this.

  3. RKO you sig really shows that Orton has not aged well :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. He's only 29.
  5. How has he not aged well? He's probably in the best shape of his life. He's alot more cut then he once was.
  6. Plus he's probably 3 times as big as he was when he first came into the WWE. He's still only 29 though, so he'll get bigger.
  7. Isn't he in his early 30's? He's probably a bit smaller in size but he's got less body fat now.
  8. He's 31 I think. Also, Jericho > Orton.

  9. Johnny Curtis > Orton
  10. He was way hotter when he first came on the scene with all that baby fat. :love:
  11. Well then..
  12. [​IMG]
  13. >seabs_trolled_me.jpg
  14. Thought this is a good new picture of Randal.
  15. Stop exposing me nude!!!!
  16. pfft! seen that naked ass many times :blink1:
  17. Think I'd turn gay for that picture of Orton.
  18. :thumbup:
  19. I'll frame it and send it to you @[Crayo]?