Crayo's underdog storyline idea.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Note: This was inspired by the movie "Never Back Down" which can be summarized in this 6 minute clip with awesome background music. I'll be referencing it throughout the whole post so it's worth watching that if you haven't seen the film/remember the film.

    Train the underdog:

    While I was watching that clip which I provided above, I was admiring how good the "heel" actor was. The guy with the blonde hair, ripped body and was awesome at fighting. As I smark I naturally think of the "bad guy actors" as heels now and relate them to WWE, and I immediately thought that this role is missing in modern WWE. Sure, we have Dolph who's similar to this character in so many ways, the show off stealing the show gimmick, but never actually looks good in his matches. Why? Because he loses and/or has to use cheap methods to try and win.

    Now I would use someone like Dolph or Rhodes -- both great for this story -- to be that cocky arrogant heel who's incredibly skilled in the ring. Build him as a very technically gifted wrestler but knows it. Have him come out weekly offering to defend his championship against over faces, but ends all his matches impressively winning comfortably (but not a squash). Make sure you use his mannerisms well in the match, having long dramatic pauses emphasizing his confidence in overcoming the face with his skill.

    Now you bring the underdog in, someone like Tyson could would be absolutely perfect. Have it start off as Tyson admiring the heels ability in the ring but openly questions his attitude. Have him say that he's a great image for wrestling and is very talented, but *insert insult here about heels attitude and how it needs to change*. Heel starts giggling and offers Tyson for a match after cutting a heel promo on how bad Tyson is. You then have Tyson lose pretty easily but have him give his best and have a good moment in the match where he seems like he's on top. But what's very important for this feud is you need to have the heel overcome the face legitimately, with skill, not a cheap shot or distracting the ref.

    If you watch the video, there's three stages. At first he beats down the face (black haired dude) really easily at the house party but he keeps getting back up. That right there separates them in skill, but shows that the face has courage and guts. Then at the middle segment he's seen training but still gets owned in the toilets, that can be your backstage segment where Cody/Tyson confront each other. Then the 3rd stage is when his friends/family have been humiliated by the heel so he puts hours and hours into training hard (WWE could role clips of Tyson training, and air video packages every week of the feud keeping people interested in Tyson's progress). Then the last stage is the big fight scene at the end where he once again looks like he's getting owned but it's much more competitive and his guts/will overcomes the heel and the face finally wins.

    Now picture that, change it into a WWE story and you have a great feud. Every week you see something different with Tyson's progress and Cody's mocking. Have Cody cut the typical cocky heel promo where he says no one can beat him, but back it up. You need the fans to think "Wow this guy is a douche but man he's good". In this movie, the heel is built as the best fighter in the state but is a prick. Tyson is the brave noob who eventually overcomes Cody, winning the IC title for example and now has won over the fans as a skilled wrestler who's got guts/courage.

    I know I've probably written so much and you've lost interest already, but basically, incorporate that movie into a WWE feud. Cody or Dolph would be so perfect for that arrogant skilled wrestler type role as they're both great in the ring and have that cocky face/smile. Tyson has a great underdog role and would produce killer matches with both of them, making sure you get the vibe that he's the learning underdog.

    WWE needs a new Rey Mysterio and Tyson IMO is the man to do it. Discuss!
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  2. tl;dr

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    JK i like it. i hate how wwe alot of the time wont let heels win clean.. always some sort of distraction or cheating in a desperate attempt to make the faces look superior even though they lost.

    also i like kidd :jericho: very talented and I like him as an underdog. he definitely needs some mic time like the stuff you wrote
  3. Thank you :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Please note also, that week in week out you'll have a new video package of Kidd's progress. Think of the AJ/Bryan/Punk scenario, each week it's an updated video package recapping everything so no one is lost. The package contains Rhodes' dominance, Tyson's resistance and progress and their inevitable encounters. Have Tyson go over someone like Tensai after a good 5 weeks showing he's getting better and have Rhodes come out clapping, acknowledging improvement, walking to the ring face to face, they brawl and Cody comes off better once again but it's a lot closer. The whole point would be the progress of Tyson and the anticipation of the crowd to finally see Tyson beat this cocky bastard.
  4. I'd love to see a video package like this :true:

    rock vs mankind Royal rumble 1999 i quit video package
  5. Agreed, the element of skilled (Rock/Rhodes) and heart (Foley/Kidd) would be awesome.
  6. As a result of this storyline, Dolph would be established as a badass, supremely athletic, very impressive heel that can still get legitimate heat. Good. The coward can't-win-clean heel character just needs to go, and we all know that. Tyson will obviously become the Rocky-type babyface that WWE is lacking.

    It's not a hard storyline to come up with tbh. Heel gets as much heat as possible and as soon as the fans are salivating for the face to get his comeuppance, he gets it. It's basic booking, and there's definitely nothing wrong with that. We all know a storyline like this will be much more effective than the current Superman booking. Maybe they can do something like this with the current feud between Kidd and Tensai?

    Bravo, Crayo. Bravo.

    Honestly, something like this is what should happen between Rock and Cena. Rock beats Cena at WM28, he then talks more trash about how Cena's a wannabe going into Survivor Series. Cena gets serious, really starts training, and then loses at SS. Then Cena trains even harder and cuts the promo of his live before WM29 where Cena finally breaks through that glass ceiling and finally defeats arguably the biggest star in wrestling history. Pretty sure that if done right (and it can be) everyone here (except Dolph's) can put our smarkdom aside and enjoy that.
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  7. The main reason I ended up with Rhodes is because I thought I'd have it in the midcard and at the moment I' would prefer Dolph up the top but either way both of them would make it work, don't you think they both have the perfect face/mannerisms to pull this off?

    I still think there's room for the coward heel, it just needs to be less common and generic. If you can spice it up it definitely has a place, there's still a lot of enjoyment in finding out new ways to cheaply win a match. Like I was hoping in the Miz/Cena "I quit" match that when Cena said the words "I will never say I quit" on RAW, that Miz could record them on a tape and play them in the match down a microphone. That would have been an epic way to cheaply win.

    Or the good old *hit signature move*, *take out a weapon*, *give it to opponent*, *lie down on the floor in pain*, *get DQ win*. But anyway that's off-topic haha.
  8. Awesome storyline Crayo, I'd really enjoy it, benefits everyone. Seeing a heel winning clean is really hard to these days, and a well-built storyline as well. Really good.

    But Rain, I wouldn't like to see that with Rock and Cena. I wouldn't even want to see Rock vs Cena again in any sort of storyline to be honest.
  9. Definitely, WWE need's that ''Heel'' character you said and this storyline is awesome and will work well for the progress of WWE. WWE now needs to push new talents and then make them the faces of WWE.
  10. Awesome storyline idea that could be easily implemented. Personally I would have Cody Rhodes as the heel because the story suits his character a lot more IMO. Either way the last match would be absolutely incredible.
  11. Stopped reading after never back down. Just posted to take up space, and up my post count total.
  12. Definitely, that's what it would build too. You would need each match to get better as you go along, possibly with the addition of stipulations.

    Cody walking to Tyson backstage and giving him wrestling tips and just walking off loling his tits off. Camera cuts to angry Tyson then moves onto next segment. Also, video packages are so important here. Songs like this would be awesome for Cody Rhodes'.
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