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  1. If you could create a team using the current WWE roster that would revive the WWE tag team division, who would it be and why.

    The Miz and R-truth
    -A good team who should have held the tag titles and would have made an impact.
  2. Evan Bourne and Mason Ryan
    I think it would be a good team to have an amazing high flyer like Evan Bourne and a powerhouse like Mason Ryan.
  3. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel. Both high flyers, I know they've teamed up a couple of times. Seem like a good team. They look the part.
  4. Awe, I really like Truth with Kofi. XD But yeah, I did like when Miz and Truth were together. I was pretty sad when they disbanded. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:


    Yeah, I like the two of them as a team a lot more than I like them as singles competitors and I also think they have a better chance at success together.


    I don't know if I necessarily like those two, but I do like the combo of a high flyer and a powerhouse in that way. Although who knows if Evan will even ever come back :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Well if they aren't gonna do anything else with Evan and Mason they mind as well use them to bring up the tag team division. And I kinda prefer to see Tyson in the singles matches more, maybe get a US title shot or something. The Miz and R-Truth are a funny and good team, but I like to see them in singles too.
  6. I would bring Evolution back, but with Abraham Washington in place of Flair and Mason Ryan in place of Batista. It would be good for everyone.

    As boss, HHH would have some minutemen and Orton would stop being totally gay. :jeritroll:

    Washington and Ryan could use some much needed pushing too before they reach the graveyard too early.
  7. kane and undertaker
  8. Brothers of Destruction, they would kill the tag-team division :haha:
  9. Yoshi Tatsu and Tensai

    Brodus Clay and Slater the Funk Rock Band
  10. Damien Sandow an David Otunga. :Enlightened ones. :troll:
  11. miz and ziggler would be a really good combo
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  13. Daniel Bryan and Ziggler?

  14. no ziggler need be solo!!!! bryan need be us or ic!!!
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