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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Championship Material, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Create Your Own Wrestlemania 30 ideas (It should be possible Ideas and match-ups should make sense in a way)

    *The WrestleMania I Want*

    -Divas Title: (c)AJ Lee vs Lita (Lita returns and blames AJ for her break-up w/ Punk)
    -Tag Titles: Ambrose & Rollins vs Rowan & Harper vs The Usos vs (c)New Age Outlaws
    -Cody vs Goldust Special Ref: Dusty Rhodes (Brother vs Brother)
    -Title Unification (IC & US): (us)Jack Swagger vs (ic)Antonio Cesaro (They both somehow got a title match on a weekly show & win it)
    -Bray Wyatt vs Reigns (Shield/Wyatt rivalry Continues)
    -Brock vs Batista (Bootista somehow lost his #1 Contendership for the title because of Brock)
    -Sheamus w/HHH vs Randy Orton w/Vince McMahon (HHH berayed Orton by screwing him out of the title at No Way Out)
    -Piper's Pit: Warrior & Hogan guest (Time To Bury The Hatchet)
    -Undertaker vs John Cena (John Cena will turn heel at this night just to break the streak)
    -WWE Title: (c) Daniel Bryan vs "Mystery Opponent" 60 Min. Iron Man Match (Daniel Bryan became the WWE Champion at No Way Out, Thanks to HHH's (Turning Face) appearance for not allowing Vince McMahon Screw Daniel Bryan, Meanwhile the next night on RAW Batista was making fun out of Randy's Elimination Chamber lost and not headlining the event and laughing about it... Then the "No Chance In Hell" Music hits, out comes Vince, a Furious Vince McMahon tells the WWE Universe that he always has a plan, and will not let his son-in-law get the last laugh, since Batista is HHH's Buddy, Vince tells him that he'll be putting his #1 Contendership on the line that very same night, against a Myster Opponent, and that Guy would turn out to be CM Punk, and Punk won it thanks to Brock Lesnar, a Heel Cm Punk, a Cm Punk that is bestfriend with Vince just to headline WrestleMania)
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