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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Go, I'll start.


    Lahm - Sergio Ramos - Pepe - Jordi Alba/Ashley Cole

    Xavi - Xabi Alonso/Yaya Toure

    Neymar - Rooney/Iniesta - Ronaldo


    I know I'm missing people :upset:.

  2. Is it current? or can we do all time?
  3. Current obv.
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  5. Couple questions:

    1) Do you watch La Liga actively? If yes, how can you say Pique is close to Pepe or BITW Ramos? Kompany is a good call though I still take those two over him.
    2) Silva over Iniesta, Neymar, Sanchez, Di Maria etc?
  6. I watch La Liga from time to time, I wouldn't say I actively watch it. I was basing him on his Spain performances. Kompany is the BITW in the premier league I tried to mix it up with players from different countries.

    I picked Silva on the basis of the formation I was playing I've never seen Iniesta play right wing. And on a good day he's unplayable in the premier league. To be fair I've only seen Neymar play a handful of times so I couldn't include him.
  7. "BITW in the premier league" makes no sense at all lmao :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  8. DAMN YOU CRAYO, DAMN YOU. Always picking up on my mistakes. I'm sure you want me to be the laughing stock of WWEFORUM. Worse than Randy at times, I am.

    BITP then. (Best In The Prem) :dawg:
  9. Hart
    Lahm - Kompany - Pepe - J. Alba
    Y. Toure - Xavi
    Neymar - Rooney - Ronaldo
  10. Haha :true:

    Yeah he's the best in the prem by a mile. He's close to BITW just Pepe and Sergio especially edge him out. Guys like Chielini and Thiago Silva are also just a bit ahead of him atm imo anyway. Sergio is leaps and bounds above them all though, he's extraordinary.

    You should watch more Liga Da Brasil as Neymar is so fucking good to watch. At least watch Brazil's games. Neymar > Silva :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P

    Edit: lol Sergio not in Jonathan's either, LEARN THINGS.
  11. From the one who can't spell Neuer :pity:
  12. Couldn't care any less than I do. Newcastle > Sunderland.
  13. Found Jonathan

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  14. Southampton? :pity:
  15. Both getting relegated :pity1:.
  16. What league does Cornwall play in?

    Glory supporter. :true:
  17. Lol Cornwall is a county you retard.

    That's like having London vs Merseyside instead of Chelsea vs Liverpool lmfao.
  18. This thread quickly went off topic.

  19. Need to talk about Fifa. :ksi:
  20. Oh hell no. :wtf:
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