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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Yeah, we all agree on many things here, and most of us also agree that the brand split needs to come back. The shows were more exciting, the roster had more opportunity, everything was better...

    So how would you split the brands again? List 10 faces and heels on each side (including 2 tag teams each) to create your own roster and show WWE just how easy this is.
  2. My Pleasure.


    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Wade Barrett
    3. Sexual Chocolate
    4. Dolph Ziggler (eventually face)
    5. Sandow
    6. Brodus Clay
    7. Cody Rhodes
    8. Drew Mcintryre
    9. Hunico (without the ridiculously stereotypical gimmick)
    10. R-Truth

    Heel Tag Teams

    1. Sandow + Rhodes
    2. The Ascension

    P.S Am I also allowed to throw in Tensai? I like him as a midcarder, he's a very good worker who just needs a better gimmick.

    I would definitely have Daniel Bryan hold the title for a while again, his run last year was so entertaining. I'd happily have any of the next 3/4 that I named to be the World Heavyweight Champion for an extended period, they're all really talented guys who are not being utilized on Raw.


    1. Ryberg
    2. Alberto Del Rio
    3. Alex Riley
    4. The Miss
    5. Boreton (Midcarder)
    6. Jack Swagga
    7. Christian
    8. Seth Rollins (Edit: Well obviously not now, but he should have been)
    9. Mysterio
    10. Sin Cara

    Face Tag Teams:

    1. Sin Cara + Rey Rey
    2. Kidd/GayBriel

    The reason for the lack of Cesaro by the way is so that he can reunite with Hero on Raw. I'd like to see Ryback on the Smackdown roster so that he can actually improve before being put in these massive matches. Riley IMO despite being overrated, deserves to at least have a decent spot on SD!. There are a few other guys there like Swagger and Rollins who could really prosper being put on the Smackdown roster I reckon.
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  3. Ryan's post pretty much nails it on the head tbh.
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