Create your own Hulk Hogan promo.

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  1. Same as Crayo's genius "Create your own John Cena promo", except this time with bonus Hulkamania, brother.

    Get your creative juices flowing, forumites!
  2. Let me tell you something brother, [insert wrestler here] is a bad dude, jack! But with all the Hulkamanics on my side brother, I can't lose. Once I wrap the 24 inch pythons around his little neck, it's all over brother! I'm going to say my prayers, take my vitamins, and count on all my Hulkamanics dude! So whatcha gonna do when the most over wrestler in the history of the business runs wild on you!

    Brother! :hogan:
  3. Hulk hogan comes to the ring with a black bat in hand, strutting, but staggering to one side due to the shitty way he walks. He slowly climbs into the ring, gets a mic, using the bat as a cane to keep himself sturdy. "Brothers, sisters, the hulkster knows....." He keels over, dies, and everyone rejoices.

    Stings music suddenly hits. Sting runs into the ring, and gives hulk a legdrop off the top rope, to finish the job, and give him the ideal ending only :hogan: deserves. The announcers mark more about it being sting doing it, and the "stinger leg drop" is born. Fade to commercial.
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  4. I'm never going away brother dude jack! :hogan:
    I'm taking this business to my!
  5. Chavo is the GOAT !!!!! Hulkamania is now Chavomania !
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  6. Get the hell outta my ring before I take you out brother. There's a major announcement tonight dude... <Major Announcement> Brooke Hogan is now married to me brother. Bully Ray you're fired dude now get outta my company brother.. :hogan:
  7. Eat.
  8. Well you know something, brother! A lot of people like to say that Steve Austin and The Rock drew more money than Hulk Hogan brother, or that John Cena is the modern day Hulk Hogan brother, but until they've lifted the 700 plus pound Andre The Giant and slammed him to the mat brother, then they're just not in the same league as Hulk Hogan, dude! I respect what Austin did for the business brother, and that The Rock is a third generation superstar brother, or that John Cena is a good role model for kids brother, but to all those guys, what are even you gonna do, when the 24-inch pythons run wild on you!!!
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  9. Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Fantastic.
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