Creating a stable.

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  1. You must be wondering what is this about! Do not fear, for all you fools and idiotic hypocrites that may not like this I'd like to reveal the plan of the future, the plan that's going to change this forums industry, the plan that's going to revolutionize the aspect of this board. This stable is going to take over the forum and we're going to claim what's ours. Like it or not, we're here to take over the forum. You either join us or your against us. Who wants to participate in taking over this forum? This stable is here to do whatever we like. (The stable will be listed in this post, officially. If you'd like to join post saying you want to join and please state why. Let's have some fun.)

    Current members of the stable:

    - Saylor.
    - #Heel. (Y2J, Chris Jehrico.)
  2. If it's a good stable with good intentions then it could perhaps one day become a group.

  3. Hey there, I'm the FACE of this forum, everybody must consult with me about this. :baws: Tell 'em Crayo.
  4. He is the face.
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  5. The intentions are good and that's to take over the forum. The idea of this group is to interact with other users and basically develop this into a group like, there's no real intentions other than just creating a group with a few members that can take over the forum. :sir:
  6. The "NWO" of this forum:

    @[CM Drunk]


    The "NWO" of this forum:

    @[CM Drunk]
  7. @[Thewindyfan].

    That seems like the Cenation of this forum.
  8. The cenation of this forum is basically Randy Savage alone.
  9. Now, that's one hell of a stable. :laugh:
  10. Aren't you guys more like BWO? :otunga: :burns:
  11. You know im the Hollywood of this joint. Biggest star, dominated this place and the only reason anyone stays around BROTHER.
  12. Well, I'm a part of the 4 horsemen DUDE. I say we battle this out once and for all. Ric Flair (Saylor) vs Hulk Hogan (CM Drunk) in a Wheelchair match, WM 29 for the most covenant prize in all of sports entertainment, the entitlement to say who's the biggest star. :baws:

  13. Bitches you know I'm the showstopper himself.
  14. I'm Mr. WrestleMania, that's known to be my role. I'm classed as Mr. WrestleMania however you can be Shawn. :obama:
  15. That still makes me the showstopper and the main event. And if your not down with that I've got two words for ya....
  16. Don't make me bury you! :bury:
  17. At first I was like :yay:
    But then I saw "BROTHER" :dafuq::upset:
  18. I'm basically the Jericho of this forum.

    With my superior intellect and your charisma Saylor, we can take over this forum. I would like the join your stable so we can wipe out the BWO on here once and for all, and claim what is rightfully ours.

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  19. [​IMG]
  20. Now listen here brother, I slammed the 500lb giant known as Jeebak jack. Powered on by the roars of my literal dozen seabsamaniacs. So listen here Jack you don't challenge the drunker to a wheelchair match with all the maniacs screaming on, knowing they will live forever.

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