Creative having trouble ending WWE championship match, Lesnar may interfere

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. LoP
  2. They could have Mark Henry interfering then.
  3. That's if he has recovered.
  4. Why don't have Vince interfere or someone from the outside like Foley or something?
  5. Could be cool to have Vince interfere and TRY to cost Punk but screw up somehow, but that would still end Ryback's streak.
  6. Last Man Standing inside HIAC?
  7. Spoiler in title dude, wtf
  8. It's speculation, so not a spoiler.

    :notsure: if serious though.
  9. Cena should turn on Ryback

    Never going to happen though :okay:
  10. Now if Lesnar interferes I won't be shocked, whereas before I would have been. SPOILED
  11. Oh yes that oh so prestigious streak lmao. They fucked themselves on this deal. they dont want him to win cleanly, but they dont have a DQ to fall back on. They want him to lose dirty, but dont want to end the streak. Now they put Ryback in a position where he is a big risk of being the WWE's next big flop because they thrusted him into the main event with really no credibility under his belt, so now when he loses people are gonna think all he's good for is squashing jobbers.
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  12. Damn :okay:
  13. Would saying "This undefeated monster, Ryback, who hasn't lost clean to anyone in over a year" have enough of a ring to it to keep Ryback the star he currently is?

    Still... if you don't want either person to job, don't book the match. Noobs.
  14. I still think they were forced into this match with Cena's injury, it's the best of a bad situation. I'm sure if Russo was here he'd have the answer to end it with Ryback being undefeated still.

    You could always debut a new storyline. Take Heyman in the direction of managing a STABLE, have him organise a beatdown on Ryback and all WWE employees to have to "cancel the PPV" or something.
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  15. Is it even possible? They could do the draw but it would be stupid since they did that last time. They're gonna have to let Ryback lose. It won't be clean obviously but not sure if that would affect his "winning streak".
  16. God I hate the fact that people think Ryback is on some great streak. Who gives a fuck if he loses? good god
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  17. How about this, have Brock give Ryback an injury before he comes out at Hell in a Cell, have someone replace Ryback, then have Ryback vs Brock in another PPV, in a no DQ match and have HHH interfere to help Ryback win. That way he never loses and HHH can get his precious revenge and continue with Brock.
  18. The problem is, who would replace Ryback? I think he was put into that position as a replacement for Cena already.
  19. I meant that's how WWE sees it as a winning streak. I don't count beating up local jobbers as any kind of streak.

    should've probably put quotes around my previous post.
  20. the only solution realy is for it to end in a draw
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