Creative working on story for Ambrose

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Please let it be a good story so he is established well. He doesn't need to main event and feud for the WWE title right away but a solid place on the show every week where he can do his thing. :yay:

  2. Summer story :gusta: not as the focus but as a background figure at first.

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  3. :yay: pls be a mick foley storyline or an evolution reunion storyline :yay:
  4. He needs to debut on Raw 1000th.
  5. I would mark so hard if the story actually was decent and he was paid attention too. It seems WWE like him as much as we do.
  6. I hope this goes well as Ambrose is gonna be awesome if booked and written correctly.
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  7. Ambrose is a great talent, I hope the storyline portraits him as such.
  8. Any gimmick storyline similar to the Joker from Dark Knight = Fapfapfapfapfpap :fap:
  9. Ambrose would be the perfect guy to get rid of the craptacular belt in 2 years IMO. Have him smash that shit with a hammer, carry it around for a few further months before he loses it and the belt is replaced with a fresh design.
  10. Agreeing with Seabs and Crayo on this wow!
  11. Maybe a bit too soon to chuck a title on him but I sure as hell wouldn't complain. Have Ambrose smash the belt in the middle of the ring with a hammer right after winning it (or the day after the PPV and on RAW do this). Carry around the broken championship and have him feud with WWE. Yes, WWE. He doesn't fit their mould of a champion. He's boycotting all press conferences and instead is uploading viral YouTube videos against WWE instead. In those videos he can absolutely tear into the company.

    He "makes his own" belt, it's a dark style belt which resembles his character. Man this could be so epic. #fantasybooking
  12. He wouldn't get it for about 2 years, a year on SD drafted to raw with a consistent push throughout.
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